We all know that skinny jeans have been all-the-rage over the past five or so years. So much so that it was nearly impossible to find options in any other silhouettes. Thankfully, this season we finally have some options when choosing denim, and the flares that you used to wear are back and more flattering than ever! I'm sharing some tips on finding the perfect flares and also how to style them to flatter your figure.

By Mallory Fitzsimmons
November 18, 2015
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Venturing back into a silhouette can be daunting, especially if your figure has changed. Here are a five fool-proof tips to follow when trying on flares to get the perfect fit:

1. Know Your Body Type. By knowing your body type, you will know what flare width is most flattering for you. If you are tall or more pear shaped (like me) with wider hips, opt for a wider flare to balance out your shape. This will automatically make you look slim in the fit. If you are petite or have a more narrow figure, opt for a smaller flare as not to overwhelm your shape.

2. Allow the Flare to be Proportionate to the Top You're Wearing. If you normally wear ponchos or flowy tunic sweaters in the fall, look for a smaller flare, and if you normally prefer more fitted tops, like button ups or traditional sweaters, look for a wider flare. It's all about balance, so make sure that your top and bottom proportions are complimentary to each other and not competing.

3. Pair Flares With Pointed-Toe Shoes Boots, heels, or flats, a more pointed-toe shoe is best for flares. The point elongates the leg and is automatically slimming.

4. Opt for a Fitted Thigh Rather Than a Trouser Fit. Look for options that have a fitted thigh and behind flaring out below the knee. This will allow you to pair the denim with a longer tunic and still have a great shape.

5. Try a Higher Waist. Even though we are so used to a lower waisted fit for denim, I've found that higher waisted flares are much more flattering. They give shape and definition to the waist (great for us gals who have had kids), and make your legs appear longer, which is always a win-win combination.

Everyday Flares

plaid shirt

For an everyday fall look, pair your favorite flares with a flannel button up, your favorite boots, and a quilted puffer vest for a laid-back outfit that's both easy and flattering. Since the button up is a more slim fit, I paired it with my wider flares (Flea Market Flares from Madewell) for a silhouette that's balanced. Throw this outfit on for cozy fall weekends and even layer a sweater over your flannel as the weather cools off.

Perfect for Ponchos

flare jeans and poncho

For this style, I threw on one of the seasons hottest trends, the poncho, with the same flares (Flea Market Flare by Madewell) and my favorite boots and cross body bag for a trendy Fall outfit that anyone can wear. The poncho is one of the most forgiving things to wear, so paired with a fitted flare through the thighs, you still have a flattering shape. This look is great for anyone and can be chic enough for a brunch or some Holiday shopping.

Dressed Up for Date Night

date night look

For date night, I found this amazing cold-shoulder tunic top, that's long and full. I paired it with my more narrow flares (Treasure and Bond High Rise Flares) for a balanced and flattering silhouette. I love that these flares are fitted through the thigh, but the width is narrow enough that it doesn't compete with the full top and rather compliments it. A great outfit for you postpartum mamas who might have just had a baby, but flattering for anyone to wear!

Want to see even more ways to style flares? Check them out here.


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