Our Favorite DIY Statement Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings

Clay Bead Strands
Statement jewelry is having a major moment on the runway, but like the designer duds they accentuate, these pieces can get pricey. Happily, on-trend jewelry is very simply made at home. A handful of our favorite bloggers show us how to be savvy when it comes to both our baubles and our budgets.

Neon Rope and Chain Necklace

Combine neon rope and a chunky chrome chain for a look that gives big-box jewelry stores a run for their money -- without dipping into your own hard-earned dough.

Gemstone Statement Necklace

Store-bought statement necklaces typically wield an equally stunning price tag. Save your dollar bills for the craft store instead, and make your own at a fraction of the cost.

Fabric-Wrapped Bangles

Although the bangle silhouette will always be in style, last year’s patterns might not be faring quite so well. Modernize old bracelets by wrapping them in new, on-trend fabric.

Painted Wooden Beads

Who knew that you could get adult-appropriate inspiration from the kids’ craft section? Playful wooden beads get a mature makeover thanks to colorful paint.

Gold-Chained Pencil

Get to the point with a glittery gold chain necklace accented by an unlikely charm -- a mini pencil!

Painted Leather Cuffs

Crafters are no strangers to leftover materials -- leather, for example. Put your own surplus to use as pretty painted cuffs.

Paint Chip Bib Necklace

This dainty pastel bib necklace, which could pass for a high-end splurge, is actually made from a handful of free paint chips from the hardware store.

Emerald Tassel Earrings

Tassels are making a major comeback -- not only in the interior design world, but in the fashion realm as well. These ultra-feminine DIY emerald earrings make the most of the trend.

Golden Stone Rings

Put an ironic twist on the idea of delicate bits and baubles by incorporating stones. Held in place by gold wire, it's hard to believe that these rings are anything but a budget-buster.

Studded Wrap Bracelets

Tulle is the main material in this wrist full of rocker-inspired stud bracelets. This project requires just two materials and two tools to complete!

Clay Bead Strands

Beaded necklaces are another potentially pricey buy from the jewelry store. Cut costs by firing up the oven and make your own using clay instead.

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