Blanket scarves are certainly all the rage this fall, but their large size often leaves people totally stumped on how to actually wear them. I'm breaking down five easy ways to make blanket scarves functional and wearable this season so you can snag a few to incorporate into your winter wardrobe with confidence.
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One way that I don't see people utilizing enough is belting blanket scarves. This allows you to wear the scarf as a top and take advantage of the beautiful pattern, should there be one. By belting it, you still maintain shape and also keep the scarf in place. To achieve this look, simply open the scarf up all the way, place the top center around the back of your neck, and drape sides over your shoulders. Next, fasten the belt over the scarf and pull the arms out a little so that you can move freely.

Oversize Bandana

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This popular style is so easy to achieve. A great way to wear this look is over a thin sweater or under a pea coat. It gives you lots of volume (and warmth!) in the front and works best when worn as a statement piece. To achieve this look, fold the blanket scarf in half, then fold corner to corner, making a triangle. Take each end of the triangle (keeping point in the front) and wrap around neck. Tuck ends in around the opposite side to secure.

Functional Shawl

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I always find myself needing a functional shawl to keep warm when wearing a dress or party top. The problem is, most shawls are thin and really don't serve the purpose of keeping you warm, which is why blanket scarves are the perfect substitution. To achieve this look, unfold the scarf until flat, place the top center on your neck and drape ends over your shoulders. Take each end and pull back to knot at the center of the back.

Traditional Tie

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The traditional way to tie a scarf, which seems easy, right? Not so much with a blanket scarf, since it's so big. To achieve this look, fold the scarf in half lengthwise and then fold again. Starting in the front, place the center at your neck and lift the ends up and cross over in back. Bring them back around to the front and loop back under the front of the scarf.

One Shoulder

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This is an easy look to head out the door and works especially well if the scarf isn't intended to be a part of your outfit, meaning that it's easy to put on and take off. Wear this over a sweater or even on top of your coat for that extra layer of warmth. To achieve this look, simply fold the scarf in half lengthwise, placing the center in the back of the neck and draping sides over to front. Choose one side to cross over and throw back over your shoulder. To get some extra volume around your neck, pull the folds out and fluff.

To see more detailed photos on how to achieve each look, head to this post on my blog.


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