Always wear your scarf the same way? Change up your look with these five different ways to tie a scarf that your outfits will thank you for. Scarf: Theodora and Callum

By Hannah Brown
November 05, 2015

The Pull-Through

1.       Fold your scarf in half and drape around neck 


2. Put your hand through the loop

3. Grab the other side with the hand through the loop

4. Pull through

The Figure Eight

1. Loop scarf around neck

2. Pull down the part around the neck to loosen

3. Twist the middle into a loop and grab one side

4. Take that side and take it over the loop

5. Pull the other side under the loop, and wah-la figure eight

Double Tied Drape

1. Place scarf so it drapes down back then loop forward

2. Tie the ends twice

3. Drape the knotted portion over your shoulder and tuck it away


1. Place scarf around neck, and tie scarf by pulling a side under

2. Pull up to your neck

3. Repeat the tie pull under making it look like its flowing from the knot

4. Tighten up tie

Sophisticated Loop

1. Loop scarf around neck

2. Cross ends below loop

3. Knot the cross you just made then pull to tighten

4. Arrange scarf neatly


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