Expertly-matched foundation, personalized fragrance, and more—these finds are created *just* for you.

By Jennifer Aldrich
December 20, 2019

We don't expect clothing to be a one-size-fits-all solution, so it makes sense that we're seeing more customization when it comes to cosmetics, hair, and skincare products. We all have different styles and preferences, which means we should have goods tailored to our individual needs. So when we saw a 13% increase in "custom beauty" searches in the past year in an Etsy report, we started researching all the ways you can discover the most flattering makeup shades, effective hair-care products, and more.

Though many companies make custom products, we rounded up a handful of our favorites, including foundation, perfume, and lipstick, to help you get in on the trend. Better yet, most of these personalized picks cost about the same, or just slightly more, than what's already in your makeup bag and on your bathroom shelves. Here are six bespoke (aka specially made) beauty products we think you'll love.

Courtesy of Lancome


Finding a foundation that matches your skin tone is arguably the most challenging part of makeup shopping, especially for those with darker complexion. Fortunately, Le Teint Particulier by Lancome came up with a custom solution so you no longer need to play the role of makeup mix-master at home. To get your personalized product, stop into select locations of Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Sak's Fifth Avenue for the color-matching process. A Lancome color expert scans your face and creates a custom formula from 72,000 hues on the spot. (You can also select your desired coverage and hydration level.) You'll be given a unique ID for the foundation so you can order more online. Each bottle costs $88.

Courtesy of Finding Ferdinand


There's something extra-special about discovering your signature lipstick shade. In just a few clicks, New York City-based beauty company Finding Ferdinand lets you create your lipstick—which you get to name! Choose your mix of up to four of the 21 colors and the intensity of each one. (Keep in mind, some hues may look slightly different on your screen compared to the real thing.) Select a creamy, matte, or sheer finish, then decide on a fragrance; options include classic, rose, coconut, pumpkin spice, black cherry, and grape. Each lipstick costs $30, though some scents cost extra.

Courtesy of MAC


While having all your eyeshadows in one container is super convenient, it's rare to see all the colors in a pre-made palette be loved equally. That's why MAC created custom eyeshadow palettes—so you can fill yours with precisely the colors you'll actually use. Choose from 77 different colors in a mix of finishes, including frost, lustre, matte, satin, and veluxe. The custom eyeshadow palette is available in an array of sizes, from two colors ($19.50) to 30 ($224).

Courtesy of Function of Beauty

Hair Care

Everyone's hair is a different length, texture, and color, so it makes sense to use products specifically tailored to your tresses. Function of Beauty offers several create-your-own hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums. (The company also sells purple shampoos for all the icy blondes out there.) The process is pretty straightforward: You start by taking a quiz that asks about your needs, goals, and preferences for your hair. Then, you're given a unique formula from one of 54 trillion options, and the company sends you the items in the mail. Prices range from $19 to $39, depending on the product.

Courtesy of Waft


Whether you're tired of the same old scent or maybe have never found a perfume you like enough to splurge on, online fragrance company Waft is here to help. Answer a few questions about your lifestyle, including where you wear perfume and what scents you like. (You can even add a personalized message to your bottle.) One of the company's perfumers analyzes your answers, makes the concoction, and mails it to you. Prices start at $39.

Courtesy of Eyeko


Length? Volume? Curl? You can have it all with Eyeko's bespoke mascara. The London-based makeup brand created a three-step quiz to match you with your mascara soul mate. Start by describing your natural lashes, what you want them to look like, and pick a wand type. Each tube of mascara costs $30.



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