Plus, it will save you money and speed up your makeup routine.

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Concealer is a hard-working product that can do wonders for multiple skin issues. For example, a few dabs of concealer can cover up sunspots or hide blemishes, and adding a swipe can instantly brighten your under eyes. For years, most of us (including myself) would draw two large triangles to conceal the area underneath our eyes. But now, there's a new, simple way to apply the concealer that gives you an instant facelift. (Plus, it uses less product, so your concealer will last longer and save you money.) So, what's the trick to this new technique? As Amanda Ensing, the person who showcases the hack, says, "It's all about placement."

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In a TikTok clip, Ensing first shows how she used to apply concealer by drawing a triangle under the eye and blending it into her foundation. She then shows off her new method that's also over a foundation base. Ensing takes just a few dabs of her tool on the inner corner of her eye. She then draws a line from the outer edge of her eye, going upward, and blends it in with a makeup brush. "This uses less product, so it looks more natural," Ensing explains in the video. "But you can use it for everyday or dramatic looks." After the concealer is blended, the makeup guru pats on powder to set it in.

To pull off this effortless look yourself, you'll need to have a few items that are probably already in your makeup bag. First, you'll want your favorite foundation. Then, you'll need a concealer. You can choose any type you wish to, but remember that a fuller coverage option will yield a more flawless look. My go-to product is Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30, Sephora). I put it on with the Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush ($22, Sephora), as it offers precise application. The final powdering step is optional, but if you're in the market for a good setting powder, I (and thousands of others) highly recommend the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($39, Sephora). (Yes, I've raved about this product before.) Once you have all your products ready, just follow Ensing's step-by-step tutorial.

As a Sephora rewards member and someone who rarely goes a day without makeup, I was eager to try this trick out. I was surprised that my eyes could look so bright with using such minimal product. (A huge bonus as it will end up saving me money in the end.) It made my morning makeup routine quicker, and I loved the final look. This hack is an excellent option for all ages and skin types, as you can adjust the products as necessary, and both beginner and expert makeup artists can do it. Plus, a few swipes of concealer is much cheaper than any procedure.


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