When you buy from these beauty brands, you’ll not only look good on the outside, but you can also feel good on the inside.

By Rachel Wermager
September 24, 2019
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Many of us spend our fair share of money on beauty products, so why not buy from brands that you know will use your dollar for a greater purpose? We’ve found a few incredible companies that use their proceeds to support important causes such as helping the bee population, supporting women-owned and led businesses, protecting animals, and providing schooling for young women in developing communities. 

Take a look at some of our favorite businesses whose missions go above and beyond to serve and benefit vital causes. 

courtesy of Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company

In case the name didn’t give it away, the Savannah Bee Company is all about saving the bees. The brand works closely with The Bee Cause Project, which is a non-profit program that installs observational hives in schools worldwide. All of the sales from the Savannah Bee Company go to support the work that The Bee Cause Project does, as well as fund other efforts to help the bee population thrive. Their beauty products are filled with real honeybee hive ingredients including beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey.

courtesy of Tatcha


Two reasons we'll keep restocking Tatcha's The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment ($48, Tatcha): It masterfully covers under-eye circles, and every sale supports girls' education around the world. About four years ago, the brand decided to start making a difference in the lives of young women to ensure they have a brighter future. Their Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures program, which is in partnership with Room to Read, helps provide the necessary items these schools need, such as books and classrooms, so that the girls can gain the life skills that come with each day of school.

courtesy of Lush


Lush considers charitable giving to be one of the most important values of the brand. So, when you shop at Lush and want to contribute to this value of giving back, make sure to grab their Charity Pot lotion. With every purchase of the lotion, Lush donates 100% of the sale (excluding taxes) to small grassroots organizations that work in areas including human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice. Since Lush started selling their Charity Pot lotion back in 2007, they’ve been able to give over $36 million to more than 2,500 charities.

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courtesy of Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics

High-performance cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty-free, packed with skin-boosting ingredients, and help empower women—that's a beauty brand we can get behind! When you purchase your favorite Thrive beauty item, the company will make a product or monetary donation to support women in need; Thrive Causemetics supports women fighting cancer, survivors of domestic abuse, and those facing homelessness by working with nonprofits.

courtesy of Sephora


Shopping at Sephora makes us feel like a kid in a candy store. Outside of stocking aisles and aisles of the best beauty products, the company also has a do-good component. Sephora is working on the second part of its Belong campaign, which focuses on creating spaces where every marginalized group can feel like they belong. To do this, Sephora is donating $1 million to organizations that fight for racial justice and equality across the country. During the first part of this campaign, it introduced the first-ever pride collection that gave $1 from each product sold to nonprofit organizations that further LGBTQ+ rights.

courtesy of SheaMoisture


SheaMoisture sells hair, bath, and skincare items made from naturally good-for-you ingredients. Their Community Commerce works to empower women and build developing communities. When you buy a Community Commerce product from SheaMoisture (indicated by a stamp on the product label), 10% of the purchase is invested in women-owned and led businesses locally and around the world, as well as to critical community infrastructures to boost the quality of life in places that need it most. 



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