You have an at-home arsenal full of wrinkle-smoothing creams and use them faithfully, but maybe you're ready for a little extra help. Consider this your guide to the best anti-aging treatments at your dermatologist's office. We'll share the top fixes your doctor has to offer, including the quick and easy peels that deliver glowing skin and the latest line-erasing services.

When creams and serums aren't cutting it, it may be time to seek professional help. Whether you're an anti-aging novice looking to scratch—or rather, exfoliate—the surface or you're ready to take the plunge and try an injectable, find out how your dermatologist can deliver major anti-aging results quickly!

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Skincare Treatments for Early Signs of Aging

You're starting to see the early signs of aging. Your biggest complaint: Where did my glow go?

Your top treatment: A light chemical peel. During this 10-minute service, a dermatologist or aesthetician applies an alpha hydroxy acid solution to the skin, such as glycolic acid, which dissolves away dead skin cells. After one session, your skin will look more radiant. You can expect more even skin tone and tighter-looking pores after a series of these peels.

Average cost: A chemical peel costs $50-$200 per treatment, depending on the strength.

Skincare Treatments for Intermediate Signs of Aging

Fine lines are starting to appear with more frequency and sun damage-induced brown spots are beginning to surface.

Your top treatment: A non-ablative, fractional laser. This type of laser targets the skin below the surface, stimulating new, skin-firming collagen without injuring the top layer. No open wounds means little downtime (usually two days), but it also means you'll need a series of three to five treatments to see results. Ask your dermatologist about Fraxel Restore Dual, which tackles lines as well as pigmentation issues on skin's surface. Wondering how to get rid of wrinkles (or worried about a few pesky lines—say between your brows, across your forehead, or around the eyes)? Ask your doctor about injectable neurotoxins like Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, or Xeomin. These freezers can help smooth creases for three to six months.

Average cost: A single non-ablative, fractional laser treatment costs $800-$1,800.

Skincare Treatments for Advanced Signs of Aging

You've got your glow back and your wrinkles are looking smoother, but maybe you're experiencing an unflattering loss of volume as you age. There's a fine line between defined and sunken cheekbones.

Your top treatment: Volumizing injectables. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have been around for several years and are typically used to plump up wrinkles for six months to a year. When the hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the hollows of the cheeks, the material binds water, giving cheek skin a plump and lift that will last up to two years. Depending on your need, you may require one to three syringes. There's no downtime, other than a little redness or possibly bruising at the injection site.

Average cost: Dermal fillers cost $700-$2,200, depending upon the type and amount you need.


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