How to Look Younger Now!

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Anti-aging creams really do work -- so as long as you're willing to wait a couple of months to see the youthful results. But if it's instant gratification you're after, try these quick, age-defying tricks from top beauty bloggers. Ready, set, glow!

Blush Up

"Makeup artist Alice Lane showed me how to apply cream blush to the top of the apples of your cheeks -- not in the dead center, as usually recommended. It instantly lifts your whole face, giving you a healthy, youthful glow. Bonus: Push the cream blush into your cheeks instead of rubbing it around, which may cause streaks -- and look like you're trying too hard to look young," says Rachel Hayes of Pretty Impressed.

Try it with Mary Kay Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss, semi-matte ($14;

Brighten Head to Toe

"A great way to look younger instantly is to brighten up. For me, that means adding golden highlights throughout my hair -- just a touch to add dimension. Or even getting a tan -- a self-tan, that is. The sun is no one's friend," says Aly Walansky of A Little Alytude.

Boost your skin’s radiance with Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer ($11;

Ditch the Powder

"Powder tends to settle in lines and dry out the skin, while cream blushes and bronzers impart the same pigmented effect without the chalky, dull effect," says Amber Katz of Rouge 18.

Get your glow on with e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream ($3;

Beef Up Your Brows

“Take ten years off your face instantly by having full, groomed brows. Thin, drawn-in arches may have been a thing when you were 20, but it's beyond time to lose them," says Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot

Thicken up sparse brows with Benefit Gimme Brow ($22;, which deposits temporary color and strand-plumping fibers.

Wear Highlighter Under Your Foundation

"When I want to have that 'natural' glow, I apply highlighter along my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, then put a moisturizing, medium-coverage foundation over it. This way, I even out my skin tone and the illuminator peeks through the foundation without looking glaringly obvious," Hayes says.

Try it with Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer, shown in Kitten Shimmer ($20; 

Toss Your Matte Makeup

“A matte finish in a makeup product such as a lipstick or foundation will age you. A shimmer gloss or semimatte foundation will attract light to the skin, which is essential for achieving a youthful look," says Nicole Pearl of The Beauty Girl

Get flawless, radiant skin with L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup ($13;

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

"Oil is your friend! Oil layered under your regularly scheduled moisturizer yields an extra boost of hydration that lasts throughout the day. I even like to apply a little over my makeup midday to refresh my look," Katz says.

Get a dewy sheen with Origins Plantscription Youth-Renewing Face Oil ($49.50;

Put Skin on Ice

“You know those kids’ boo-boo packs you keep in the freezer? When I'm feeling old, tired, and puffy (like every morning!), I just grab one of those and press it against my face for about five minutes. It reduces puffiness ASAP and also wakes you up a bit,” Hayes says.

In a pinch, anything frozen will do.

Plump Your Lips

“To make your lips appear fuller and more youthful, apply a dollop of clear gloss in the center of your bottom lip after swiping on your lipstick,” Morris says.

Try it with Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Lip Gloss ($14;

Whiten Up

"Even if your face looks young, people will think you are older than you really are if you have yellow teeth. An at-home teeth whitener is a simple fix that instantly takes off years, " Pearl says.

Crest 3-D White Whitestrips 2-Hour Express ($55; will give you significant, same-day results.  

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