Erase Undereye Circles -- Fast!

Searching for the best treatment for your dark circles? Look no further than your makeup bag. Nothing will brighten eyes faster than a good undereye concealer. Here, find your perfect formula, then learn how to apply it flawlessly.

How to Correct Dark Circles

You probably already know that dark circles are a pretty tricky issue to have. Why? There are quite a few causes: leaky blood vessels, poor circulation, genetics, allergies, lack of sleep, and even hyperpigmentation. And because of these various reasons, one undereye treatment does not fit all. The easiest -- and quickest -- way to tackle them? Makeup. Here is everything you need to know about banishing your circles with concealer.


Pick the Right Formula

Nail the right color, texture, and type with these pro tricks.

  • Make it for your eyes only. All concealer is not created equal. You don't want to use the same cover-up on both under eyes and blemishes, says Luis Casco, celebrity makeup artist for Mary Kay. The concealer you use under your eyes should be about half a shade lighter than your skin tone to have a brightening effect, he says. Use a too light shade on other facial flaws and you could make them stand out more.  
  • Texture matters. For delicate undereye skin, you want a concealer that's creamy, soft, and lightweight, says Casco. Unless your undereye skin is extremely oily, drier concealers can look cakey on thin undereye skin and they're harder to blend, he explains. Try Mary Kay Concealer ($10;, which is available in seven different shades.
  • Keep it simple. Walk down the concealer aisle and you'll spot many color-correcting formulas in shades of green or yellow. And while they do work to counteract certain unwanted tones in your skin, they're not always user-friendly, says Casco. They're especially tricky for the novice. If you want to give one a go, try a yellow-based cover-up, which counteracts blue/purple tones such as Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick ($6.50; The key is to apply the smallest amount possible, blend well, and then pat your foundation on top, Casco explains.

Conceal Correctly

Now that you have your perfect formula, you're ready to apply. Follow Casco's step-by-step tricks:

  • Location, location, location: Starting at the inner corner of the eye -- usually the darkest spot -- apply your concealer in a V-shape.
  • Blend lightly: Using a feathering motion, gently blend with your ring finger.   
  • Seal the deal: Set the concealer in place with a dusting of translucent powder.
  • Banish bags: Got puffy undereyes? Use another concealer that's two shades lighter than your skin tone. Brush it along the little crease the bag creates. It optically erases the line, making the bag look less obvious.

Easy Eye Brighteners

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