White Bathroom Vanity Designs

Vanities are often the focal point of any bathroom space, and these white vanities are no exception. See how to command attention and create an elegant feel with a white bathroom vanity.

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    Level Up

    Paneled drawer fronts and a marble top make this multisurface vanity look built-in. A tray organizes toiletries on the top tier, which was built at a height that eliminates the need for bending over and provides plenty of storage beneath. 

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    Cozy Cottage Style

    Increase the appeal of a cottage-inspired bathroom with a clean white vanity. The neutral color is perfect if you like to change your accessories and decor often because it complements just about any other color with ease. This vanity boasts a load of storage solutions, including drawers, shelves, and darling wicker baskets in place of lower cabinets.

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    Double Up

    Open storage under a double vanity makes a master bathroom feel more spacious and offers a handy spot for towels. A traditional marble top and backsplash help transition this vanity's modern features, including vessel sinks and clean-lined faucets.

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    Wrap It Around

    Wrapping a white bathroom vanity in cabinetry maximizes storage in a home with limited closet space. A tall center cabinet divides this long vanity into separate spaces. Open shelving on one half creates opportunities for design flexibility, while paneled drawers on the opposite side conceal cleaning supplies.

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    Stylish Cabinet Doors

    For an instant update to an existing white bathroom vanity, swap out the door fronts. This powder room's carefully edited color palette lets the geometric shapes of the graphic wallpaper and vanity doors shine.

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    Best Small Vanity Ideas

    Create both storage and style with our favorite ideas for a small vanity.

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    Antique Beauty

    A basic white vanity with a single drawer and simplistic design balances ornate accessories in this Parisian-inspired space. Open storage beneath the marble vanity top adds warmth and interest to the room's all-white color palette.

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    Modern Mashup

    These white vanity drawers feature a high-gloss lacquer finish that complements dark wood cabinet doors. The clean vanity design, complete with decidedly modern hardware, calms the look of a busy travertine backsplash. 

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    Small Bath Solution

    To increase the visual space in a small bathroom, consider white paint and accessories paired with mirrors. This all-white vanity bears mirror-front doors and drawers, which reflect light and also make the bathroom feel larger. Contemporary hardware and a vessel sink prevent the mirrored surfaces from looking outdated.

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    Furniture Revamp

    Look to flea markets and thrift stores for a long media cabinet, which can be transformed into the perfect base for a trough sink. This white DIY vanity features sliding glass cabinet doors, which keeps storage both airy and accessible.

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    Oversize Hardware

    Make a graphic statement on your white bathroom vanity with large-scale drawer pulls. Made from recycled aluminum, this vanity's hardware brings a touch of glam to the traditional design.

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    Easy Vanity Upgrades

    Turn a plain-Jane vanity into a custom creation with a few eye-catching add-ons.

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    Stylish Surfaces

    Draw attention to your vanity with a beautiful countertop. This thick marble countertop demands notice in this elegant, all-white bathroom. If your budget doesn't accommodate marble or natural stone, consider a less expensive alternative such as solid-surfacing material.

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    Incorporate Built-Ins

    A built-in vanity with classic white cabinetry and a veined marble surface creates a serene and sophisticated mood in this master bath. The vanity adds utility to the room's streamlined footprint, while the hardware shows off simple profiles.

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    Get Creative

    Tackling an oddly shaped bathroom can be a challenge. In a narrow bathroom space, consider elongating the vanity along a stretch of empty wall to guide the eye smoothly through the space without a closed-in feeling. Exposed vanity legs help to give the impression of additional floor space in this small bathroom.

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