Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Blue/green tiles behind white sink
When your bathroom is short on space, the right vanity can help you live larger than your square footage. These small-bathroom vanities offer big style without overtaking the room.

Gorgeously Grounded

Placing a vanity in a corner takes advantage of every inch of floor space and also allows for storage options on two walls. A recessed cabinet installed into a sidewall is a smart way to capture space that is typically overlooked. Offsetting the sink in the vanity is a clever option for creating a larger area of open counter space.

Open Storage

In a small bathroom, it's important to make use of all available space. Consider installing a vanity in a corner, which offers extra inches that might otherwise go unused. To keep the area from feeling dark, choose a light-color and open unit that has a built-in towel bar and a shelf for a storage basket. 

Mirror, Mirror

The best small-bathroom vanities are those that are both attractive and hardworking. A light-color freestanding cabinet with mirrored doors is a great example. The mirrors bounce light around a room to visually expand the space. With a mix of behind-doors and open shelves, the piece also allows plenty of room for storing linens.

Nuanced Nautical

A wall-mount sink appears to float and lends an airy look to a small room by freeing up the floor space below. In a shared bathroom, choose a basin that includes two or three faucets and hang a mirror above each. Add a stool for smaller children, and hang towel hooks on either side of the sink to keep washcloths nearby.

Small Bath, Big Personality

Make the most of a small nook in your bathroom by outfitting it with a made-to-fit vanity. A wall-mount faucet works particularly well in a narrow area, where there might otherwise not be room for a sink and fixture. Installing interesting towel hooks on the wall adds personality and keeps washcloths close without taking up valuable counter space.

Storage and style are must-haves in a small bath. Discover how to get both with these small vanity ideas.

Small and Savvy

Don't skimp on style in a small bath. Effortlessly combine storage and good looks with these clever vanity ideas.

Built-In Look

If you don't have the luxury of a large linen closet and lack funds for expensive built-in shelving, turn a small stretch of wall into storage central. Start with a colorful, furniture-style table that includes storage below and a vessel sink that leaves plenty of counter space for toiletries. Add a small shelf above for additional storage. Flank the vanity with two storage-rich stock bookcases and add molding to the top and bottom to make the units look built in.

All Dressed Up

A lack of space needn't mean a lack of style. Tuck a furniture-style vanity into a recessed nook lined with elegant tile to give your tiny bathroom a sophisticated look. In addition to looking great, a dresser-style vanity offers plenty of storage space in its drawers to keep toiletries and towels tidy. 

Floating Wonder

A large, uninterrupted expanse of flooring creates the illusion of more space in a small bathroom. Get the look by choosing a wall-hanging vanity that appears to float above the tile. Installing a large mirror above the unit will reflect the space, and further trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than its actual dimensions. 

Clever Combo

A wall-mount sink is functional and it doesn't eat up a lot of space like a bulky vanity. Capture the area below with portable storage baskets and maximize the wall above by recessing a bath cabinet into the space between studs.

Slim Statement-Maker

In a small powder room, a vanity with doors can offer much-needed storage space. Choose a cabinet specifically designed for a smaller space: its scaled-down dimensions will fit better in a small area. A furniture-look piece with slender legs tends to be more visually appealing when space is limited.

Industrial Flair

A round vanity seems more delicate and petite than its square or rectangular counterparts, making it a great choice for a small space. Mimic the base's shape by choosing a round sink, and install a wall-mount faucet to allow enough room for a usable-size vessel.

Cool Contrast

A custom vanity is often the best choice for a small bathroom because it can be made to fill an awkward nook's exact measurements. Using every bit of an alcove also allows for a wider countertop with more room for essentials. A cabinet with lots of hidden drawers and shelves keeps the room tidy, but the glass fronts -- along with an oversize mirror above -- are visually expansive.

Streamlined Style

Many vanities have an open area below that’s hidden by two doors. A more space-savvy choice, however, is one that offers wide and deep drawers to keep supplies out of sight and well organized. 

Fancy Flourish

A small bathroom doesn't always offer a lot of space to add decorative elements. Get creative by covering the front of the sink (or an entire vanity) with colorful wallpaper. This simple project is a fun way to inject some personality in the room, and is also a smart solution for refreshing an out-of-date unit.

Classic Appeal

A pedestal sink is a classic choice for saving space. Even if the top is quite large, the unit will appear smaller thanks to the slender base. To make up for lost storage, install a shelf and a recessed medicine cabinet above the sink.

Curve Appeal

When space is tight, consider a vanity in a unique shape. A petite round unit takes up less square footage, but offers plenty of storage underneath, and using a smaller sink keeps more countertop open for toiletries. The curves of the vanity also add an elegant, feminine touch to the decor.

Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Although a cabinet-style vanity takes up more space than other types of vanities, its built-in shelves and drawers provide the most storage space possible. Using just one sink opens up extra counter space and allows even more of the vanity to be used for storage. A recessed medicine cabinet offers additional storage. To keep the bulky unit from overwhelming the small room, consider painting it a light, bright color.

L-Shape Design

An L-shape vanity that butts up against a wall maximizes limited floor space, while a bowl-shape vessel sink and a corner-mount faucet free up counter space for soap and toiletries. When choosing a clean-lined unit with an open area below, a simple towel rack can help hide plumbing fixtures or storage baskets. 

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