Open Vanity Bath Storage

Open vanities function well in large or small bathrooms. And the style fits any setting -- from traditional to cottage to contemporary.

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    Open Vanity Paired with Storage

    This coordinating cabinetry brings a crisp, modern look to this bathroom without sacrificing storage. The open vanity keeps the grooming space open and bright, while a tall shelving unit adds height and plenty of storage space for toiletries and linens.

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    Double-Vanity Console

    This double vanity has the look of a classic console table. Choose open vanities that resemble furniture you would use in other rooms of the house to create a classic, yet updated design.

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    Square Open Vanity

    This chunky vanity base still gives the look of an open vanity thanks to the open shelf below. The hearty look works well in a cozy bathroom.

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    Sleek Counter Vanity

    A wall-mounted vanity countertop maintains the sleek, contemporary styling of this paired-down bathroom. A matching low shelf resting on the floor beneath provides storage space while keeping the open design.

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    Furniture-style Vanity

    A vanity designed to look like a substantial piece of furniture brings cozy living into the bathroom. The spindle legs and open shelf keep this dark piece from looking awkward and heavy in the bright room.

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    Simple Wooden Open Vanity

    Create a themed bath by starting with a simple, neutral vanity and accessorizing the space around it. Colored tile and paper-style sconces give this bath an Asian-design feel.

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    Antique Vanity

    A charming antique console was turned into this vanity to make a quaint country sink. Offsetting the sink to one side allows some counter space. To protect wood countertop surfaces and to make them a more durable option, finish them with a marine-grade sealant.

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    Wall-Mount Vanity

    A slim, wall-mount vanity enhances a spa-like atmosphere. The streamlined design topped with modern vessel sinks keeps a simple, sparse look. Plush towels rolled and tucked beneath in simple caddies add to the feel.

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    Open Vanity for a Small Space

    This end table converted into an open vanity is perfect for a small bath. The polished countertop, vessel sink, and sleek faucet bring fresh design to limited quarters, while playfully contradicting the traditional base. The shelf below adds space to keep extra towels on hand.

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    You-Build-It Open Vanity

    The open-vanity look is easy to create with a custom-cut piece of countertop mounted to a wood frame and legs. Add a shelf across the bottom for storage.

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    Furniture-Style Open Vanity

    Designed to look like a piece of fine furniture, this open vanity looks beautiful and offers plenty of countertop and storage space.

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    Floating Vanity

    This sink stretches from wall to wall, and the open vanity appears to float above the floor. This creates the feeling of more space by exposing more of the floor. Five small drawers store bath essentials.

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    Antique Table Vanity

    A long, narrow table was made into a wide double vanity. Vessel sinks fit with the old-world look. To protect wood countertop surfaces and to make them a more durable option, finish them with a marine-grade sealant.

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    Dark Wood Open Vanity

    A dark wood, furniture-style vanity creates a luxurious, high-end hotel feel in this bath.

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    Simple Shelf Vanity

    For a small bath, create an open vanity from a simple countertop paired with a vessel sink. As a space saver, this countertop transitions from a deep center to shallow sides to allow space for the toilet.

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    Black-and-White Open Vanity

    A black-and-white open vanity adds sophistication to the bath. Black makes other colors in the room pop.

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    Vintage Vanity

    This marble countertop with chrome legs looks like something straight out of a historic estate. It's topped with equally impressive fixtures and an antique-frame mirror.

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    Double Vanity Space

    These vanities flank a large window. Such an arrangement offers a clean, symmetrical look with lots of natural light.

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    Modern Built-In Vanity

    This open vanity is anchored to the tub -- literally. The tub surround extends to create the floating vanity base.

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    European Open Vanity

    Create a traditional European-style bath using a twisted-leg vanity, classical fixtures, and scalloped, bevel-edge mirrors.

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    Oversize Open Vanity

    Make the most of the wall space you have by filling it with storage. Here, a mix of open and closed storage adds drama and interest. The wall-mount design shows off the beautiful floor and wall tile.

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