Makeup Vanity Table Ideas

Create a beautiful spot to apply your makeup and get ready in the morning with these tips for a modern makeup vanity.

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    Tech-Savvy Vanity

    This bathroom vanity has a built-in power strip as well as two outlets that make getting ready in the morning easy. Place a vanity desk where it will get lots of natural light, which is best for applying makeup.


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    Double Duty

    Make your vanity mirror do more work. Not only does this mirror help when applying makeup or styling hair, but it also doubles as storage. Mount a mirrored medicine cabinet above your dressing table to store makeup and hair essentials for quick and easy access while getting ready.

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    Drawer Division

    Corral disposable items in clear containers so they're easy to find and refill. Drop cosmetics into shallow trays designed for office supplies. The trays fit perfectly into drawers and instantly organize supplies.

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    Handy Holster

    Steal this idea from your salon: Install a sleek holster for your blow dryer on the side of the vanity. This idea makes blow-dryer storage smart and safe since the end of the blow dryer can still be hot right after use.

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    Strategic Space-Saver

    Save desktop space by moving a jewelry box from the desk to a wall. This slim cabinet keeps long necklaces and delicate earrings tangle-free.

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    Use Every Inch

    Don't overlook the sides of drawers on a vanity table. Add a metal strip and use a fabric-covered magnet to grip bobby pins. Clear-top spice jars easily organize hair ties and clips.

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    Outfit the Rest of Your Bath with Storage

    Get great ideas for adding even more storage to the rest of your bathroom.

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