9 Modern Floating Vanity Ideas for Sleek Bathroom Storage

wooden corner floating vanity
Photo: Kim Cornelison

Floating vanities mount to the wall to free up floor space and create the illusion that they're suspended in mid-air. These streamlined units are a perfect fit for modern aesthetics and small spaces. Consider these floating vanities ideas to add sleek storage and style to your bathroom.

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Floating Vanity Design

floating wooden vanity in bathroom
David Tsay

Floating vanities are a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms for their clean lines and sleek look, but they can also pair with more traditional or eclectic designs. With many options for customization, they're great for both small powder rooms and spacious primary bathrooms. The units can include one or two sinks and range in size from a compact 16 inches to 72 inches or larger.

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How to Install a Floating Vanity

bathroom vanity with 4 drawers in light wood
David A Land

When installing a floating vanity yourself, it's crucial to ensure the vanity has adequate support. Fasten the vanity's mounting hardware to wall studs for the most secure installation. If your studs don't line up with your planned placement, you might need to install additional supports behind the wall.

Note that installing a floating vanity might be a simpler process when building a new home or during a gut bathroom remodel. Swapping out your existing vanity cabinet with a floating unit could get more complicated if your water supply lines come through the floor or if your flooring doesn't extend underneath the vanity, for example. Consider any potential issues that might add to your to-do list before you begin.

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Floating Vanity Height

floating wooden vanity with white trim
John Bessler

Because the unit mounts to the wall instead of sitting on the floor, a floating vanity can be installed at the exact height that works best for you. In a kid's bathroom, for example, the vanity can be mounted at a lower height or installed so there's enough room to tuck a stepping stool underneath. Floating vanities can also help create an accessible bathroom design that complies with ADA standards.

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Small Bathroom Floating Vanity

wooden corner floating vanity
Kim Cornelison

Floating vanities are an ideal solution for small bathrooms and powder rooms because they take up less floor space and contribute less visual clutter than traditional cabinet units. They also provide a smart alternative to pedestal sinks, which are a space-efficient choice for small bathrooms but don't offer any additional storage. Floating vanities can be configured with drawers, cabinets, and open shelves to suit your storage needs in a small space.

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Floating Vanity Ideas

floating vanity double sink in modern bathroom
Brie Williams

Depending on the design, floating vanities can stand out as a modern accent or blend into bathroom surroundings for a simplified look. For a subtle approach, match the vanity finish to the surrounding wall color and choose a design with a flat, clean-lined front. Continuing the minimalistic effect, barely-there edge pulls provide access to the doors and drawers on this modern floating vanity without drawing attention.

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Flooring Ideas for Floating Vanities

black accents white bathroom
Julie Soefer

Floating vanities are mounted above the floor, providing more opportunity to make a statement underfoot. Extend a bold patterned tile under the vanity for maximum impact, or lay down a large colorful rug. The vanity's simplistic design will let your flooring materials take center stage.

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Contemporary Floating Vanity

floating bathroom vanity
Emily Followill

For a contemporary look, choose a floating vanity with a unique shape and modern materials. A curved wood front elevates the look of this vanity while playfully contrasting a straight-lined wall treatment. Shimmering floral wallpaper and a collection of shapely mirrors complete the distinctive space.

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Floating Vanity Storage

Faux Concrete Modern Vanity
John Granen

Many floating vanities come with built-in storage, but some streamlined models might lack drawers or cabinets for stashing items. To boost its storage capabilities, consider installing a shelf directly underneath the vanity to hold extra towels and baskets for smaller items. Or simply place large baskets on the floor below the vanity to quickly add storage.

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Rustic Floating Vanity

floating wood bathroom vanity 2 sinks
Werner Straube

Juxtapose a modern design with rustic materials for a distinctive floating vanity idea. Crafted from reclaimed wood, this vanity adds texture and contrast amid the room's smooth, clean-lined fixtures. Recessed medicine cabinets make up for the vanity's lack of storage while maintaining an uncluttered look.

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