How to Fix Common Bathroom Storage Blunders and Maximize Space

Clean up your bathroom cabinets with seamless storage products that make the most of available space.

make up organization

Do insert clear acrylic containers into drawers to sort supplies and ensure items are easy to find. Sort items by general categories, such as cosmetics, nail polishes, and hair bands.

Small Bathroom Storage Inspirations.

Not That: Beauty, Junk-Drawer Style

make up drawer

Don't just throw makeup and accessories in a vanity drawer. Chances are slim that you'll find what you're looking for, and you could easily forget about products that find their way to the back and bottom of the drawer.

Do This: Towel Tricks

wash cloths

Do fold towels in half lengthwise and then in thirds. You'll end up with tight, thick bundles that will stack well on shelves. Consider giving each member of the household their own color of towel to avoid confusion. Bonus: This makes it easy to tell who is leaving their towel on the bathroom floor.

Watch this tutorial on how to efficiently fold a towel.

Not That: Folding Fail

under sink storage

Don't let stacks of towels become unruly. Misfolded towels will fall over and take up too much room.

Do This: Place Everyday Products Front-and-Center

medicine cabinet

Do use medicine cabinet space for everyday grooming items, such as facial products, shaving tools, dental care tools, and contact lens solution. Store toothbrushes and toothpaste in clear, labeled plastic tumblers to avoid confusion.

Not That: Use Up Convenient Storage

medicine cabinet

Don't store medicines and other products you rarely use in the medicine cabinet. It should be saved for frequented-used products only.

Do This: Tidy Up Toiletries

under the cabinet storage, beauty product storage, storage

Organize items below the sink in stackable bins that can fit around existing plumbing pipes. Label bins for soap, cleaning wipes, first aid essentials, and grooming products for each person who shares the bath.

Not That: Allow Chaos

cabinet storage

Don't let the area under the sink get out of control.

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