Making a a custom bathroom vanity from old furniture is easier than you think. Get the modern-meets-vintage look with our easy how-to.
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A modern vanity is within reach with this clever DIY idea. Using a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and some interior rearranging, a standard dresser becomes a chic bathroom staple. So go dig up that old dresser gathering dust in the basement, print off our easy-to-follow instructions, and in just a weekend you'll have a brand-new bathroom vanity

  • Working time 4 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 day
  • Difficulty Kind of Hard
  • Involves Painting, Plumbing Skills

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

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Step 1

Prep the Dresser

Sand dresser and wipe clean. Prime and paint your desired color, allowing dresser to dry completely between coats. The primer is important because it will ensure an even color and help the paint stick to the dresser.  Install desired hardware using a screwdriver, according to manufacturer's instructions. 

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Step 2

Mark and Measure

Make a template of the countertop with cardboard . Using a straightedge, mark the center of the vanity by drawing diagonal lines connecting the corners. The point where they intersect is the middle and is where the sink will go. Measure and mark where the faucet hole will be.

Once you feel good about the placement of the sink and faucet holes, drill pilot holes through the template on the dresser.

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Step 3

Widen the Plumbing Fixture Holes

Using a hole saw, expand the sink and faucet holes to fit your sink and faucet models. Place the saw directly over the holes you've predrilled. This kind of power tool produces a lot of saw dust, so be sure to shield your eyes during this step! 

sawing blue vanity
Step 4

Prep and Install Plumbing

Use a jigsaw to remove the inside frame of the dresser behind the top drawers. Mark where plumbing holes will be on the back of the dresser. Drill holes with the hole saw. Install the sink and faucet according to the manufacturer's instructions.

DIY vanity, drawers, drill
DIY sink install, drill, sink vanity
Step 5

Create and Attach False Drawer Fronts

Remove the sides and backs of the top two drawers to create false drawer fronts. Add wood cleats to interior side of false fronts. 

Starting with the top drawer front, attach false front to vanity. Drive screws into vanity through wood cleats from the inside of the vanity. Remove the bottom drawer, then attach the second drawer front. 

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Step 6

Secure Vanity

Use a level to make sure the vanity is level, then attach it to the wall with drywall screws. Seal top vanity seam against wall with a bead of clear or paintable silicone.

blue vanity, drawers, gold knobs
Step 7

Make It Yours

Though the top two drawers conceal plumbing fixtures, you'll be able to utilize the bottom drawer for storing essentials. If desired, line drawer with decorative paper. This is a great place to stash extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, or guest amenities. 


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