Modern Bathroom Vanities


Vanities with sleek lines and clean design complement a contemporary-style bathroom. See how to incorporate these creative ideas for a modern bathroom vanity into your space.

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A Perfect Fit

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Create a just-right bathroom vanity by utilizing an entire sink alcove. This modern vanity with two partial drawers fits snugly into a small space; a lower shelf leaves plenty of room for towels. A concrete countertop and stainless-steel backsplash provide contemporary contrast to the rustic wood drawer fronts.

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Table Service


An open bathroom vanity like this table-inspired design is a smart choice for the minimalist whose extra bath supplies are stashed in a nearby linen closet. A bottom shelf allows for a curated display, while a sleek chrome finish reflects light to brighten the bathroom.

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Opaque Accents

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Choose door panels with glass inserts to keep a wood vanity from looking too heavy. There are many glass styles to choose from, including ribbed, leaded, clear, mirrored, or pebbled. An asymmetrical design elevates the modern look of these opaque glass vanity doors.

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Serenity Now

bathroom sink

A trough-style vanity creates a spa-like focal point in this modern bathroom. A clean-lined upper cabinet adds just enough storage space to hide away bath essentials. Two faucets provide double function in the streamlined sink.

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Cool Contrast


Dark bathroom cabinetry gets a graphic treatment when paired with a stark white composite-stone countertop. The look is both sophisticated and versatile. Frameless doors and drawer fronts feature a flat finish for a modern vanity design that is both stylish and simple to clean.

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Best Bathroom Storage Ideas

Max out your bathroom storage with these smart organization ideas.

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Unexpected Angles


This makeup vanity utilizes every inch of area in this modern bath. The cabinet, drawer, and shallow wall cupboard feature varied depths and lengths for cool cubist inspiration. When bathroom space is limited, seek a custom solution that will allow you to match your lifestyle needs specifically to your room's layout.

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Eye-Catching Console


A modern bathroom vanity with straight lines becomes a graphic element in this monochromatic bathroom. A thick marble countertop creates dramatic contrast against a stark black vanity. The rest of the bathroom, including a striking backsplash and angular light fixtures, sustains the clean, contemporary lines of the vanity.

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Go for Grain

modern vanity

If you love the look of wood, choose a type with a dramatic grain and make it the focal point of the bathroom. This modern vanity frames a pebble path to the shower with a symmetrical presentation. Big drawers and a roomy upper cabinet deliver a generous amount of storage.

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Corner Unit


Make the most of limited space in a small bathroom with an integrated sink and wall-mounted vanity. A sleek wood-grain finish lends sophistication to this modern design. If you need extra counter space to hold bath products, consider installing a built-in medicine cabinet.

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Layered Treat

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This busy bathroom remains visually serene thanks to its symmetrical design approach. A mix of gray doors and white drawers provide pretty contrast to the vanity. Layers of tile treatments as well as mirrors mounted from the ceiling give the eye plenty to appreciate. Silver vanity hardware relates the cabinetry to the surrounding fixtures.

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Streamlined Style

Your dream room awaits.

There are many reasons to choose a wall-mount modern vanity. Functionally, it's a great solution for access to heating and cooling vents in the floor. Visually, it creates the look of a bigger bathroom because you can see more floor space. Aesthetically, the streamlined style is perfectly suited for a modern bathroom design thanks to its minimalist look.

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Laundry Loaders

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Both a two-person bathroom or family bath can benefit from this modern vanity design. With plenty of space below the sink for tall baskets, the vanity provides an ideal area for corralling dirty duds until you're ready for laundry day. Just drag the baskets to the washer, and you're ready to go.

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Distinctive Finish


A timeless combination results when you combine a classic finish like whitewashed wood with a modern bathroom vanity. The finish allows you to see just enough wood grain while preventing the room from appearing too dark. A shelf at the bottom is perfect for extra towel storage.

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Double Drawers


In this modern double vanity, two pairs of drawers boast black vessel sinks and flank convenient seating with additional space to corral makeup, lotions, and towels. The storage possibilities are endless -- and tucked away.

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Asymmetrical Style

Blue-Green bathroom

The off-center look of an asymmetrical vanity adds a lyrical quality to this nature-inspired bathroom. Drawers outfitted with storage containers hold bathroom essentials while fluffy white towels find a home on the shelf below the sink.

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Frameless Feature

bathroom, tile walls, wood floor, vanity

Go minimal with frameless doors and drawers for a clean look in a small modern bathroom. Choose hardware that's equally minimal to keep the focus on the vanity and away from the handles. These pulls make drawers easy to open but do not add clutter to the appearance.

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Smart Storage


When your bathroom vanity is this small, it pays to consider the added function gained with a towel bar or a shelf. The size of this vanity is powder-room-perfect, offering just enough space to hold colorful hand towels and an extra roll or two of toilet paper.

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