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Pastel Green Bathroom
Bathroom vanities can pair practical storage space and stylish design details. Take a look at these vanity areas to find smart ideas for your bath's grooming area.

Cottage-Style Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom pairs smart storage and soothing colors, and it boasts a charming coastal-cottage style. A large central cabinet with open cubbies for towels offers more useful storage space than shallow medicine cabinets would have provided. Below the countertop, a mix of drawers and standard cabinets offers versatile storage. White Shaker-style cabinets offer a classic look, while a low backsplash of subway tile in soft blues and greens melds vintage style with coastal hues. 

Dual Vanity with Extra Storage

A vanity with two sinks allows the bathroom to easily accommodate more than one person -- a great time-saver on busy mornings. This sophisticated design gives each person a dedicated space and separates the two areas with a central storage unit. The elevated storage cabinet in the middle keeps the vanity top from becoming one long, cluttered space and cleverly conceals electrical outlets and a trash basket. The custom cabinetry was stained to match the medicine cabinets for a cohesive look. Glass wall tile adds color and shine. 

Integrated Dressing Table

Plan for a bit of pampering in your master bathroom to make it an inviting retreat. This vanity incorporates a dressing table for applying makeup at one side of the sink. It’s carefully placed in front of a window to take advantage of flattering natural light. Below the sink, cabinetry and drawers provide abundant storage space and show off traditional detailing that matches the classic charm of the polished-marble countertops. A band of tumbled limestone tiles on the backsplash adds textural contrast and visual interest. 

Vanity with Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

Enhance your bathroom's storage space by extending vanity cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. In this bathroom, elegant walnut cabinets accented by glass knobs and chrome feet maximize every inch of space. Angled cabinets in the corner include a lower-level appliance garage and a closed cabinet that hides a television. Drawers under the countertop hold grooming supplies, while open storage near the floor provides easy access to towels. Near the ceiling, open cubbies offer attractive display space. 

Vanity with Multipurpose Storage

Incorporate various types of storage space into your vanity design to maximize convenience and ensure an uncluttered look. This white-painted vanity includes both drawer space and open storage with baskets, which can be used to keep towels within easy reach. A tall cabinet at one side of the double vanity offers additional storage space for grooming essentials and linens, while mirrors with ledges offer handy spots for lotions and other toiletries used on a regular basis. 

Vanity with Streamlined Storage

With smart planning, it's possible to enjoy a clean-lined, modern look as well as smart storage. In this bathroom, the vanity features contemporary flat-panel doors, square sinks, and wall-mount faucets. Opting for drawers rather than standard vanity cabinets gave these homeowners more usable storage space. Recessed medicine cabinets provide additional storage but seamlessly blend into the wall of iridescent glass tile for a streamlined look. Nightlights at the bottom of the medicine cabinets enhance convenience without detracting from the bathroom's sophisticated style. 

Bathroom Vanity with Natural Light

How do you balance natural light with privacy in the bath? Take a cue from this bathroom, where opaque glass panels admit natural light but preserve privacy at the front of the house. The vanity mirror cleverly hangs from reclaimed Douglas fir beams, which frame the glass panels and contribute to the bath's natural charms. Marble countertops are tumbled -- not polished -- to complement the rugged beauty of the surrounding wood, while streamlined cabinet hardware and flat-panel cabinet doors add contemporary flair. 

Space-Saving Bathroom Vanity

Short on space? Opt for a wall-hung vanity to make a small bathroom feel open and airy. This sculptural wall-mount sink -- paired with an equally eye-catching wall-mount faucet -- offers sleek curves that stand out from the contemporary gray wall tile. Sleek medicine cabinets offer storage space above the sink and complement the bathroom's simple style. 

Vintage-Style Bathroom Vanity

Give your vanity area a period look with handcrafted details, classic materials, and vintage fixtures. In this bathroom, a furniture-look vanity is at once simple and sophisticated. The traditional vanity sits on stylish turned legs, and is accented by vintage-style faucets and traditional wainscoting, which enhance the bathroom's old-fashioned charm. Recessed medicine cabinets add style and storage above the sinks, while hexagonal floor tile lends charm below. 

Bathroom Vanity with Corner Storage

In a small bath, every inch counts. Take advantage of an otherwise wasted corner by installing custom cabinets designed for the space. Here, a built-in corner cabinet holds baskets with grooming supplies and towels where they are needed next to the sink. The muted blue cabinet door matches the cabinets below the sink for a cohesive look. 

Separated Vanities

If you want a little extra space at your grooming station, consider adding two separate vanities to your bathroom. This room's design divides the vanity wall into three alcoves for a symmetrical look. A vintage French table sits in the center and serves as a glamorous makeup station, while vanity cabinets with flat-panel wood doors and marble countertops sit on either side. 

Contemporary-Style Vanity

Clean lines and simple forms can help give your bathroom vanity a contemporary style. This teak wood vanity introduces natural tones that warm the space and keep the modern room from feeling cold or stark. The vanity's drawers and long drawer pulls emphasize the bath's horizontal lines and streamlined look. The pulls are extra-large so they can double as towel bars. Wall-mount faucets complement the contemporary style, and the large expanse of mirror makes the room feel more spacious. 

Bathroom Vanity with Window Seat

As you're designing your vanity area, consider comfort as well as style. This vanity design features wall-mount cabinets for an airy look and a cushy window seat in between. The design offers ample storage without taking up floor space. Square vessel sinks are carved from black granite; they're paired with stylish wall-mount faucets that suit the bathroom's contemporary tone. 

Bathroom Vanity with Open Shelves

If you're organized enough to keep the space neat, a vanity with open storage can offer convenient access to often-used items and make a small bathroom feel more spacious. This custom-made vanity designed for a guest bath makes it easy for guests to find what they need. Stained rather than painted, the vanity looks charmingly aged, while an above-counter sink adds a bit of contemporary drama. 

Double Vanity with Countertop Cabinets

Smart vanity storage puts everything at your fingertips. In this bathroom, tall cabinets that sit on the countertop hide electrical outlets and countertop clutter -- so the homeowners can keep the hair dryer and other grooming essentials plugged in and simply open the cabinet doors when they need them. Drawers hold other toiletries, and baskets keep towels handy. A dark espresso-color stain on the straight-grain white-oak vanity lends sophistication to the storage-savvy unit. 

Dresser-Style Vanity

A raised center cabinet in this dual vanity helps keep the peace and amplifies storage in the grooming area. With traditionally styled doors, shiny pulls, and a decorative toe-kick, the tall center cabinet mimics the look of a dresser, and its height echoes the rise of the room's vaulted ceiling. Another practical touch: Mirrors above the sinks tilt to accommodate users of varying heights. 

Back-to-Back Vanities

A generous double-sided vanity anchors this bathroom and basks in the light from windows that wrap the room. In this innovative setup, a two-sided mirror hangs from suspension rods installed in the central skylight. Below the hanging mirror, twin vessel sinks stand back-to-back on a limestone countertop. Transitional cabinetry holds a wealth of storage features, including open shelving for towels, a special drawer for travel-size toiletries, towel bars, and plenty of drawers for grooming essentials. A reflective coating on the lower part of the window enhances privacy. 

Pedestal Sinks with Built-In Storage

Pedestal sinks offer charming vintage style, but they don't provide much storage space. Boost the storage potential of your vanity area by adding built-in or freestanding cabinets near the pedestal sink. In this bathroom, tall cabinets offer plentiful storage on either side of a large window, and a window seat with drawers below offers a cozy place to relax or put on socks. White-painted traditional cabinet doors complement the vintage charm of a pair of pedestal sinks on opposite sides of the room.  

Bathroom Vanity with Display Space

Who says bathrooms have to be purely functional spaces? Add your personal style to the vanity area by installing shelves for decorative accessories and collectibles. In this bathroom, wood shelves mounted on green glass tile match the wood vanity and the generous walnut molding that crowns the area. Open cubbies within the vanity break up the cabinetry, lightening the look and offering easy access to towels. A rough-texture concrete countertop and rectangular sink lend contemporary drama.  

Mirrored Vanity Cabinet

Mirror fronts on this vanity not only add glamour, but they also visually enlarge the small bath and reflect light in the room. White solid-surfacing tops the vanity cabinet, and a deep vessel sink lends sculptural appeal. To amplify the vanity's generous storage space, a shallow cabinet with a drawer hangs above the toilet. At the corner of the room, shelves built between wall studs hold towels and toiletries. 

Bathroom Vanity with Customized Storage

Want to create a fresh look for your vanity? Take off the doors and use decorative bins and baskets to organize items inside the open cabinets. Here, a laundry hamper tucks into one side of the vanity, colorful bins hold toiletries and grooming supplies in the center, and an X-shape wine-bottle cube serves as a convenient towel holder on the other side. Wall-hung containers corral dental-care items and decrease countertop clutter. Personalized containers for each member of the family are stored on wall shelves and can easily be moved to the shower or the counter as needed. 

Bathroom Vanity with Historical Charm

Even a new bathroom can have a vintage feel with a few well-chosen details. This vanity, crafted by a furniture maker, offers plentiful storage and shows off a soft, creamy finish. An open cabinet between the two sinks provides visual relief as well as handy and stylish storage space when outfitted with matching wicker baskets. Oversize medicine cabinets recessed into the wall are accented by old-fashioned hardware for an authentic look. Vintage swing-arm lamps also add a historical feel to the space. 

Bathroom Vanity with Traditional Charm

This traditional vanity pairs vintage charm and modern function. White-painted cabinetry, beaded-board wainscoting, and a marble countertop sets the vanity area's vintage tone and brightens the room. A mix of undersink cabinets, a central column of drawers, and on-counter shelving offers versatile storage that easily accommodates a variety of items. 

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