13 Before-and-After Vanity Makeovers You Need to See

bird and butterfly wall covering above teal vanity
Photo: Brie Williams

Updating your vanity can add tons of style and personality to your bathroom. Transform your vanity with fresh paint, hardware, countertops, and more to get a new look without replacing the entire unit. These before-and-after bathroom vanity makeovers offer stylish ideas for a DIY refresh.

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Before: Dated Bathroom Vanity

brown and yellow bathroom before renovation
Courtesy of homeowner

This bathroom was in major need of a makeover. By updating the existing vanity, the homeowners were able to utilize their remodeling budget to replace the tub with a walk-in shower. The old vanity cabinet needed just a few basic upgrades to give it a more modern look.

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After: Vintage Meets Contemporary

black and white bathroom counter with mirror
Adam Albright

This budget-friendly bathroom vanity makeover required only paint and new hardware. A coat of matte black paint modernizes the wood cabinet and provides a striking backdrop for shiny brass knobs. The vintage-look vanity hardware complements the brackets on floating display shelves and a new bronze faucet, which was installed in the old sink.

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Before: Bland Oak Vanity

bathroom with yellow walls and sign

This oak vanity with a simple honed-marble top was in great condition, but the look was too neutral. The plain wood finish and basic hardware didn't fit the homeowner's playful and creative personality. A few cosmetic tweaks added bold new style to the old unit.

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After: One-of-a-Kind Vanity Makeover

bird and butterfly wall covering above teal vanity
Brie Williams

With a coat of soft blue paint and new hardware on the vanity, the bathroom instantly feels brighter. Around the vanity, DIY wall paneling creates architectural interest. An intricate black mirror and a pair of sconces with customized shades help this bathroom feel extra special.

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Before: Nothing but Neutral

bathroom with white walls and wooden cabinets

This builder-grade vanity wasn't welcoming to guests. Its basic wood cabinetry and cream-color countertop blended with the room's surrounding neutral hues. A DIY vanity makeover helped it stand out within the updated bathroom.

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After: Standout Bathroom Vanity

bathroom with dark blue cabinets
Scott Little

A coat of rich navy paint gives the vanity an eye-catching pop of color. A new granite countertop incorporates the bathroom's neutral tones without receding into the background. Black knobs and pulls tailor the vanity with a modern dark-on-dark twist.

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Before: Builder-Basic Vanity

bathroom with gray walls and artwork

This builder-grade hall bathroom had the basics of a functional space. However, its features, including the plain white vanity, were more boring than beautiful. The laminate vanity was in good shape, but a stylish splurge put it over the top.

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After: Sophisticated Accents

scroll pattern wallpaper in bathroom
Jay Wilde

Painting this vanity black added a bit of drama and only cost $20 for the quart of paint. A Carrara marble countertop with distinctive dark veining conveys an upscale touch. The old center-set faucet was replaced with a widespread style, and new hardware continues the room's classic silhouettes.

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Before: Minor Remodeling Setback

unfinished bathroom with striped walls

While attempting to swap out their vanity countertop, these homeowners discovered their house had settled, leaving their bathroom surface uneven. They needed to think creatively to accomplish this vanity makeover with a perfectly level surface. The solution was easier than you might think.

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After: Clean and Classic

white painted bathroom vanity with white countertop and black frame above
Jay Wilde

To get the perfect 90-degree angle on their new vanity countertop, the homeowners carved out a bit of drywall at the corner of the vanity top to allow the surface to lay flat. They sealed the area with a thin bead of silicone. A coat of cool gray paint, new cabinet hardware, and a fresh faucet complete the vanity makeover.

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Before: Unmet Potential

bathroom with light blue walls and wooden cabinets

Sometimes, all a bathroom vanity needs is a little extra color and character. Rather than take a sledgehammer to this style-deprived vanity, the homeowner managed to salvage it with a bit of DIY work. A simple vanity makeover added fresh style to the room.

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After: Turquoise Vanity Makeover

bathroom vanity in robins egg blue
Brie Williams

Pale turquoise paint gives the oak vanity a splash of happy color. The satin-finish latex paint is durable and gives the vanity a nice sheen without appearing too shiny. The vanity's existing white marble countertop and brushed-nickel faucet looked good enough to keep during the makeover. New hardware contribute a final touch of sparkle.

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Before: Simple Double Vanity

bathroom with double sinks and dark wooden cabinets

This vanity was functional but lacked any style or personalization. The builder-basic double vanity featured a plain white countertop that contrasted sharply with the dark wood finish below. A stunning vanity makeover transformed this unit into a one-of-a-kind bathroom focal point.

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After: Rustic Bathroom Update

mahogany vanity shiplap bathroom
Emily Followill

Reusing the existing vanity didn't prevent homeowners from creating a stylish update. A gray-tone granite countertop with bold veining complements the new antique-style satin-nickel faucets. A wood plank wall treatment and bronze cup pulls introduce rustic patina to the mix of industrial and vintage styles.

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Before: Functional but Flat

bathroom with fish shower curtain

Blogger Brittany Bailey of Pretty Handy Girl updated her boy-friendly bathroom to give it a more guest-ready look. But after refreshing the rest of the space, the boring vanity didn't fit the theme. This DIYer used easy tricks to revamp the builder vanity on a budget.

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After: Painted Gray Vanity

bathroom with blue and white walls
Brie Williams

After the unit was sanded, it only took two coats of a dual paint-and-primer paint to cover the vanity in a gorgeous greige color. A generous application (about three to five coats) of a clear polycrylic finish keeps the surface protected. Brushed-nickel knobs further update the existing vanity.

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Before: Dated and Dark

bathroom with wooden cabinets

With dated light fixtures above a dark wood vanity, this bathroom had a heavy, drab appearance. The vanity needed a lighter look to fit in with the planned beachy theme of the bathroom. Working within a tight budget, these homeowners got creative with a DIY vanity makeover that served as the jumping-off point for the rest of the bathroom.

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After: Lightened-Up Vanity

bathroom with blue walls and white cabinets
Edmund Barr

New hardware, bun feet, and doors outfitted with cane webbing dress up the existing vanity. The entire piece was washed in a coat of white paint, instantly brightening the room. A high-arc faucet with lever handles creates a sleek look, while two knobs on the previously bare center panel reinforce the vanity's new furniture-style look.

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Before: Bright but Too White

bathroom with purple walls
Courtesy of Jenna Burger

This bathroom's pink-and-white palette was vibrant but way too jarring. Its plain-Jane vanity cabinetry wasn't much of a showstopper either. Introducing neutral colors and added texture helped turn this space into a soothing retreat.

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After: Neutral Bathroom Vanity

traditional style bathroom with beige and blue color scheme
John Bessler

Layers of rich brown paint, stain, and glaze give the small white vanity an aged look. Sanding of each cabinet piece's edges adds a rustic, distressed touch. Sparkling crystal knobs further the look of antique furniture.

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Before: '70s Bathroom Vanity

bathroom with tile floor and wooden cabinets
Courtesy of Rhoda Vickers

Although the '70s had their highlights, great bathroom design wasn't one of them. This vanity hadn't been updated in decades but had the potential for an entirely new persona. Fresh paint and an updated countertop helped bring this vanity into the current decade.

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After: Clever Cover-Up

traditional style bathroom with porcelain tile floor
Anthony Masterson

A paint kit was used to give the vanity's old laminate counter the look of black granite. In just two days, the homeowner taped off the sink and surrounding areas, applied a base coat, added two coats of the stonelike paint chips for texture, sanded the vanity, and sealed it. Light aqua water-based milk paint freshens the pine cabinetry, and satin-nickel spray paint updates the existing hardware.

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Before: Outdated and Odd

bathroom with subway tile
Courtesy of Kiera Kushlan

The space in this bathroom was good, but the finishes were dingy and felt mismatched. The vanity needed a fresh polish to look its best again. These homeowners worked with the vanity and created a fresh space using a lot of paint.

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After: Bold and Beautiful Vanity Makeover

black and white stripes in bathroom
Tria Giovan

The vanity's marble top was in great shape, so it stayed, but the rest of the vanity was covered in fresh white paint. A shiny new faucet and a chrome wall sconce add a touch of glamour. Bold black and white stripes surround the small room to make a big style statement.

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Before: Nothing Special

bathroom with sliding shower door
Courtesy of Jason Stierman

This space lacked the wow factor that the homeowners craved. The bathroom was perfectly functional, but the plain and simple design lacked interest. A vanity makeover helped give this space new personality.

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After: Stylish Updated Vanity

Neutral color scheme bathroom with black accents and graphic prints over toilet
Jay Wilde

Glossy black paint helps the vanity stand out, and new hardware modernizes the piece. Tonal stripes add depth to the rectangular room and coordinate with the existing countertop and tile floor. Touches of black throughout the room finish the new sophisticated look.

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