Bathroom Vanities Q&A

An expert weighs in on whether a homeowner can replace plastic laminate counters on the bathroom vanity

Q: I want to replace the plastic laminate counters on our bathroom vanity. Is this a good do-it-yourself job?

A: It's probably a better idea to hire a countertop professional to replace the vanity top rather than doing a patchwork job yourself. For one thing, laminate comes in rolls of approximately 6x14 feet, far more material than a typical bathroom vanity requires. If you hire a pro to replace the laminate countertop, installation is about $17 per square foot—and you wind up with a completely new surface.

If you still want to tackle the job, put in a preformed laminate countertop purchased from a home center. Major retailers stock several popular colors and patterns for $20 or less per linear foot.


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