Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas

Browse this collection of bathroom vanities to find beautiful, practical ideas for incorporating a makeup vanity or dressing table into your bath design.

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    Beautifully Blended

    Blend your makeup area with the rest of your bath by incorporating it into your vanity. To preserve this bath's open layout, one side of the counter was made into a dressing table.

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    Modern Flair Makeup Vanity

    Combine different pieces of furniture for a custom makeup vanity without the expense of a built-in. A transparent acrylic table keeps this vanity nook light and airy while lending modern flair. Sophistication is kicked up a notch with an ornate resin mirror, while colorful accents -- such as the lampshade and drawers -- give the space a playful, mix-and-match vibe.

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    Inspiring Makeup Area

    Choose furniture that can be touched up to blend easily with modern accessories. Here, delicate white-painted furniture surrounded by a collection of treasured photos creates a soothing place to start and end each day.

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    Vintage-Style Makeup Vanity

    Bring an old-fashioned space up-to-date with a few simple touches. A fresh coat of paint and a new glass top revive this home's original vanity. A contemporary linen toile graces the chair and Roman shades, adding a dash of modern flair to the space.

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    Shabby to Chic Vanity

    Think twice before dismissing a throwback piece such as this vintage vanity. Bits of fabric and scrapbook paper transform this traditional dressing table into a chic collectable that provides plenty of space to display jewelry, nail polish, and perfumes.

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    Clean Cosmetics

    A makeup area need not take up a lot of room. This one tucks between a clear-glass shower enclosure and translucent sliding glass doors to the toilet compartment. The sleep ebony-stained table and sand-color limestone slab top complement the bath's minimalist style.

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    Glamorous Grooming

    This makeup area takes a more traditional track. Its shapely curves, mirrored-glass table, and luxurious marble countertop evoke the glamour of old Hollywood. The petite sink built into the counter is a welcome convenience when applying or removing makeup.

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    Get a Beautifully Designed Bathroom

    Use these tips from designers to create a luxe bathroom you love.

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    Kitchen Cabinetry-Style Dressing Area

    Unexpected and storage-savvy, these reconfigured kitchen cabinets create the perfect station for clothing and accessories. Simple glass-front doors keep the piece looking light and airy. For practicality, divided drawer trays and canvas bins were enlisted to sort personal items out of sight.

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    Built-In Beauty

    A built-in makeup area carves out a pocket of grooming space without getting in the way. Beaded-board paneling and deep baseboards on the cabinetry add architectural character.

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    Right Height

    Whatever the design of your makeup area, be sure the countertop can be comfortably reached from a sitting position. In this bath, the makeup counter is several inches lower than the surrounding vanity. Standard bath vanity height is 30-34 inches, but 26-29 inches is more common for sit-down vanities.

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    Beautiful Materials

    Create an eye-catching makeup area with thoughtful materials. A multilevel vanity made of maple and Torreon travertine graces the master bath. Tiled divides eliminate the need for seams in the mirror, giving it a soothing, sophisticated flow.

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    Creative Space Makeup Area

    Consider placing a makeup table in an unused nook. This makeup station bridging the master bath and bedroom makes getting ready a breeze. Separate from the two busy rooms, this vanity boosts functionality as a glamorous transitional element.

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    Design for Tall Ceilings

    Here, a small corner by an open shower becomes a perfect location for a makeup area. To optimize soaring ceilings, consider using teak beams as shown here to draw the eye upward.

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    Makeup Vanity with Stylish Seating

    Choose makeup-area seating that is practical, functional, and stylish. The cloth-covered cube of this makeup vanity encourages you to sit up straight and blends seamlessly with the bath's luxurious, contemporary design.

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    Window-Lit Makeup Vanity

    Thoughtfully placed in front of the windows, this makeup table takes advantage of the room's brilliant natural light. Rich mahogany cabinets ground the bright elements, striking a balance between the retreat¿s crisp design and warm, natural materials.

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    Roomy Dressing Area

    Dressing and makeup areas are often designed as extensions of the master bath. Snuggled into a corner of the bedroom, this traditional desk-turned-vanity includes plenty of space to get ready and store items.

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