17 Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas for a Cozy Morning Routine

vanity with white cabinets
Photo: Molly Culver

A well-appointed makeup vanity provides a sophisticated spot to get ready in the morning. It should include great lighting, stylish seating, practical storage, and a beautiful design. Consider these bathroom makeup vanity ideas for a luxurious upgrade to your daily routine.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Design

master bathroom vanity dual sink tile pattern flooring
Dana Gallagher

A bathroom makeup vanity should be thoughtfully designed to suit your daily routine. If you typically use hair styling tools that need to be plugged in, for example, plan for electrical outlets near the vanity. Incorporate drawers and other storage solutions to store your go-to products or accessories.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Decorating Ideas

blue vanity orange accent bath
Edmund Barr

Decorate your bathroom makeup vanity with elements you love for a bright start to your day. Choose paint colors, materials, and finishes that reflect your style, and incorporate decorative accents to personalize the space. Framed artwork, a vase of fresh flowers, or a pretty tray can be simple but impactful accessories.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Seating

light beige bathroom with light green vanity
Megan Chaffin

Choose makeup-area seating that is practical, functional, and stylish. Using a stool instead of a chair encourages you to sit up straight while getting ready. This upholstered stool offers a comfy perch and matches the bathroom's beige wall color.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Lighting

vanity with white cabinets
Molly Culver

Equip your bathroom makeup vanity with proper lighting to avoid unflattering shadows on your face while you get ready. Positioning the vanity near a window will make the most of natural light. If you're relying on artificial light, install fixtures on either side of the mirror, instead of only overhead, to better illuminate your face.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Placement

blue variant backsplash vanity
Emily Minton-Redfield

Consider where a makeup vanity best fits into your bathroom layout. The area between two sinks, for example, can provide an ideal spot to store cosmetics, jewelry, and other getting-ready essentials. This bathroom makeup area tucks into a sliver of space between freestanding vanities, repeating the wood finish and countertop material for a cohesive look.

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Bathroom Makeup Vanity Storage

wooden vanity drawer opened displaying makeup
Edmund Barr

Streamline your morning routine with bathroom makeup vanity ideas that prioritize organization. These drawers are outfitted with dividers that sort cosmetics by category. The various-sized compartments suit different types of makeup, including larger items like eye shadow palettes and small tubes of lipstick or mascara.

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Makeup Vanity Height

gray and white bathroom vanity
Michael Partenio

Whatever the design of your makeup area, be sure the countertop can be comfortably reached from a sitting position. In this bathroom, the makeup counter is several inches lower than the surrounding vanity. Standard bathroom vanity height is 30-34 inches, but 26-29 inches is more common for sit-down vanities.

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Makeup Vanity Table

vanity table with white chair and floor length mirror
Stacey Brandford

Combine different pieces of furniture for a custom makeup vanity without the expense of a built-in. A mirrored table keeps this vanity nook light and airy while lending modern flair. On the wall, a full-length mirror provides plenty of primping space and reflects natural light from windows opposite the makeup area.

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Bathroom Vanity Makeup Mirror

black and white modern bathroom vanity
Werner Straube

Mirrors are crucial for a well-equipped makeup vanity. A large wall-mounted mirror is ideal for checking your overall appearance, but you'll need a closer look for tricky tasks like applying eyeliner or lipstick. Consider mounting a smaller mirror on one wall that you can extend outward or tilt as needed.

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Makeup Vanity Nook

Bathroom vanity with clover back chair
Emily Followill

Consider placing a makeup vanity in an unused nook. This makeup station is positioned directly in front of a large window and remains out of the main traffic flow of the bathroom. Sconces mounted on either side wall boost illumination when natural light is lacking.

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Vintage-Style Makeup Vanity

white vanity with antique mirror
Michael Luppino

This bathroom makeup vanity area incorporates vintage elements for a timeless look. An ornately carved mirror and antique chair furnish the vanity, while tongue-and-groove wall paneling wraps the nook in charm. Collectibles line open shelves for a personal touch.

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Elegant Bathroom Makeup Vanity

floral wallpaper white vanity
Ryann Ford

Amplify the luxurious feel of a bathroom makeup vanity with elegant style choices. Here, marble countertops and polished nickel hardware dress up a bright white makeup area. Wallpaper with a metallic floral pattern adds a sophisticated sheen.

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Large Bathroom Makeup Vanity

beachy home makeover bathroom bathtub
Edmund Barr

Incorporate a makeup area into a large bathroom while maintaining an open feel. Here, a corner by an open shower becomes a perfect location for a makeup area. To optimize soaring ceilings, consider using teak beams as shown here to draw the eye upward.

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Cohesive Makeup Area Design

blue bathroom with vanity
Werner Straube

Blend your makeup area with the rest of your bathroom by incorporating it into your vanity. To preserve this bath's open layout, one side of the counter was made into a dressing table. A low skirted chair tucks underneath and a small mirror aids grooming.

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Modern Bathroom Makeup Vanity

modern bathroom vanity
Mark Lohman

A makeup area need not take up a lot of room. This one tucks between a clear-glass shower enclosure and translucent sliding glass doors that lead to the toilet compartment. The sleek ebony-stained table and sand-color limestone slab top complement the bathroom's minimalist style.

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Glamorous Makeup Vanity

vanity with sink and large mirror
Janet Mesic-Mackie

This bathroom makeup area sparkles with traditional style. Its shapely curves, mirrored-glass table, and luxurious marble countertop evoke the glamour of old Hollywood. The petite sink built into the counter is a welcome convenience when applying or removing makeup.

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Built-In Makeup Vanity

built-in makeup area
Michael Partenio

A built-in makeup area carves out a pocket of grooming space without getting in the way. Beaded-board paneling and deep baseboards on the cabinetry add architectural character. A combination of drawers and cabinets provides plenty of storage for cosmetics, styling tools, and extra towels.

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