If your master bathroom is on the small side, the good news is that although you have to trim the amenities down to size, you don't have to scrimp on luxury or sophistication.

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Your pocketbook will be happy to learn that fewer square feet means you get high-end features without as huge of a price tag. You can afford to pamper yourself with radiant heat covered in silky marble tiles when the area of the floor is small. Or, if you have just a single sink, you can splurge on a shiny chrome waterfall faucet. Even a tiny shower stall can be an asset when you convert it into a steam room.

Gain Decorative Notice

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You also get more bang for your decorating buck in a small master bathroom because decorative finishes in small doses pack more of a punch. A brightly painted accent wall, an inlaid tile pattern, or a single piece of graphic art has powerful impact. Even a subtle effect, such as coating the walls with an opalescent glaze, is more noticeable when it's close enough to view. A sparkly crystal chandelier or a pair of art-glass sconces will make more of a statement when they are not swallowed up in a cavernous room.

Trick the Eye

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To create a master bathroom that doesn't feel claustrophobic and cramped, incorporate elements that visually expand the space. Avoid clunky fixtures: A pedestal sink is trimmer than a sink in a base cabinet, and a claw-foot tub takes up less room than a tub set into a surround. Create a sense of airiness by sticking to a soft color scheme, such as neutrals or pastels. Usher in plenty of ambient light by lightly dressing windows or installing skylights in the ceiling. Finally, a mirror over the sink is a given, but hanging additional mirrors, such as a full-length wardrobe mirror, will add a sense of dimension to a boxy room.

Squeeze In Storage

To build in storage in a small master bathroom, look for spots around the perimeter of the space where you can take advantage of nooks and crannies while keeping the floor area free. Recess a medicine chest into the wall between studs. Hang two tiers of towel racks or stagger hooks to use up vertical wall space. Mount a shelf above the door for extra linens and bulky supplies. Fit glass shelves inside the window casing as a showcase for pretty perfume bottles and lotions. The back of the door can be put to use, too, when you hang a pantry wall rack or over-door shoe bags to corral small sundries. Finally, maximize the inside of the vanity cabinet, making the most of cupboard and drawer space with organizers that keep items tidy.

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