Master Bathroom Ideas: Saving Space

Make the most of your master bath with these space-saver bathroom storage ideas. You'll learn how to store more, add light, and open up the space.

Create Traction Underfoot

Using a different flooring material within each small space defines each area, plus different tile sizes better serve the room's different functions. For example, smaller tiles unify a wet-room floor. Remember, smaller tiles yield more grout lines to improve traction—a must in potentially slippery spaces.

Make Elbow Room

Need a bathroom space saver? Look no further than a double vanity. The two-in-one fixture eliminates crowding and provides each user with individual space. Furniture-style feet free up floor space to create the illusion of more area—the more floor you see, the larger a room feels.

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Embrace Contrast

Make small bathroom suites stand out with contrasting colors and textures. Cool, crisp tones and an intricate tile floor serve as striking companions for a dark-stained vanity. A mirror frame stained black pops against the pale wall and adds a touch of modern bathroom design.

Ultimate Contrast: Pretty Black-and-White Bathrooms

Shine the Light

Proper lighting in a makeup area is key. If wall space is at a premium, get creative. Mount sconces on the mirror to gain maximum light and reflective surface.

Look Into the Walls

To keep clutter under control, consider bathroom shelf ideas. Shower cubbies and built-in master bathroom cabinets utilize space between wall studs without eating up floor space. Glass-front doors protect display shelves from moisture, while handy storage cubbies keep shampoo bottles off the floor.

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Space-Saving Baths

While a windowed bay is often the logical spot for a bathtub in master bathroom layouts, space constraints can make the placement impossible. The solution? Create a wet room shared by the master bathroom shower and tub. Separate the wet room from the rest of the bathroom with clear glass panels to keep the entire space light and dry.

Get Wrapped Up in Tile

Using white subway tile on most of the wall looks classic and clean. Add a border of accent glass tile for a splash of color. Such a treatment may be commonplace in a shower or bath area, but extending it around the perimeter of the whole room will unify the space.

How to Tile a Bathroom

Seize the Light

Many master baths feature a stretch of bay windows, serving as a natural wake-up call for bathers during the morning hours. If you're room isn't endowed with a large bank of windows, consider adding oversize mirrors above the vanity to catch and reflect light that will keep the space bright and airy.

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