Master Bathroom Ideas

Do you want to take your master bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary? Try these inspiring ideas for indulgences.

Bathrooms certainly need a few finishes—tubs, showers, toilets, sinks—in order to function. But one of the reasons many homeowners want to refinish master bathrooms is to add sumptuous finishes, fixtures, and updates. Here are 10 ideas for your master bathroom.

Create Custom Vanity Areas

In a master bathroom, you may have space for individual vanities tailored to meet specific homeowner's needs. For example, a woman may prefer a handy makeup area with multiple drawers. A man may prefer a combination of doors, drawers, and open shelves for storing grooming items.

Add a Private Toilet Compartment

A private toilet compartment is a lovely extravagance that, with smart planning, can easily be included even in small master bathrooms. Consider adding extra storage into this separate space, and admitting light but maintaining privacy by using a frosted-glass door to shut off the toilet area.

Implement Atypical Living Space Indulgences

A fireplace, heated floors, oversize windows: These are all finishes that are typically found in family and dining rooms. Including them in a master suite adds unexpected and welcome character. Another idea: Add furniturelike details, such as turned legs and molding, to storage pieces.

Design an Open Layout Between Bedroom and Bath

One way to increase the sense of spaciousness in a master bathroom is to open up the area to the adjacent master bedroom. This may also include dramatic elements such as a vaulted ceiling, big windows, and a consistent material and color palette. In a space such as this, floating vanities can also help a room maintain a light and airy feel.

Include Luxurious Finishes

While other spaces in your home may be more hardworking in their choice of materials, a master bathroom is a chance to flex those design opportunities, with top-shelf materials such as travertine, marble, or granite. Interesting wallpapers and multilayer window treatments can also make for eye-catching statements.

Increase Closet Square Footage

If you're transforming a master bathroom, you may want to integrate additional square footage for more expansive closet space. Look at walk-in options, including built-in shelves and drawers, as well as a center dressing table with surface space and storage.

Update Storage Amenities

To maintain a retreatlike feel in a master bathroom suite, consider upgrading storage to accommodate grooming needs. For example, hidden electrical outlets and deep drawers allow for storage of hair dryers; shallow shelves keep razors and other necessities at bay.

Transform a Shower into a Spa

With body sprays, jets, and multiple showerheads, one of the simplest ways to upgrade a master bathroom is to add a spa-like shower. To make the shower a centerpiece of a master bathroom, look at clear glass doors and a tile mosaic, too.

Maintain Decorating Continuity

If you've already updated your master bedroom and want to give the same sumptuous feel to your bathroom, choose a consistent palette of materials, even if the spaces are separated by a wall or door. That may include similar cabinetry and flooring, as well as complementary wall color and woodwork.

Make a Tub the Star

If you'd like to have an integrated master suite, place the tub in the middle. You can leave it open or partially enclosed with screens or half walls. You can also use flooring with low or no thresholds to transition between the two.

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