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Pack high style into a small space with a well-designed powder room.

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    Artful Powder Room

    The look is refined yet chic. This entryway powder room spotlights the original bottle-glass window from the 1920s. The round mirror, hung from the ceiling, echoes the circular shape of the window. The bow-front mahogany vanity complements the window and holds a custom sink.

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    Traditional Details

    Repeating a shape or material makes a small bath feel stylish. This handmade ceramic sink mimics the shape of the window's leaded-glass circles. The designer opted for a nickel faucet to maintain the color palette.

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    Eco-Chic Powder Room

    This room's impact on the environment is low, but its impact on the home is high. The powder room is just inside the front entry, greeting guests with a dynamic mix of colors, shapes, and patterns. Burgundy glass mosaic tile catches your eye with a look that mimics bamboo. The custom vanity is created from wenge and eucalyptus woods and finished with low-VOC stains. The flooring is reclaimed wood.

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    Recycled Glass Countertop

    A solid granite basin sits on a concrete counter flecked with recycled glass. These eco-friendly materials show off the glamorous side of green design.

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    Mixed Materials Powder Room

    Wood, metal, and stone -- some of Earth's strongest elements -- bolster a powder room that's dramatic yet welcoming. The materials work in harmony to create warmth and texture in this small space. The blocky custom vanity balances the checkerboard-pattern wall tile.

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    Bronze Beauty

    The hammered-bronze sink plays off the color in the stone tiles. The fluid texture in the metal mirror frame creates a visual break from the square tiles and right angles of the vanity.

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    Lighting the Way

    Sidelights pop out playfully from the tiles set in a fun checkerboard pattern.

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    Powder Room Gem

    Crystals from the sconce sparkle in the wall-length mirror of this powder room. The designer layered a second mirror with an engraved frame for a dramatic and luxurious look. The wall of mirrors makes the room feel larger.

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    Rich Detail

    The solid marble countertop and backsplash stretch the length of the room, helping the space feel bigger. Crystal handles and a hammered-nickel sink add a glamorous touch.

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    Powder Room Privacy

    A floor-to-ceiling curtain adds privacy and rich texture to this small powder room. The mirrored panels in the vanity give the illusion of more floor space.

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    Understated Elegance

    A marble countertop and traditional faucet offer simple elegance that doesn't clutter the visual appeal of a small room. The undermount sink also keeps the vanity top looking clean and neat.

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    Eastern Appeal

    Asian allure at an affordable price was the homeowners' goal as they remodeled their 1919 home. They found the black mosaic glass tiles online for $2 per square foot. The iridescent tiles drove the design. They used the tiles on the floors and walls to create an expansive look.

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    Glass Shower

    A glass-enclosed shower allows the powder room to double as a guest bath. The clear-glass shower walls create a barely-there enclosure.

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    Bamboo Powder Room

    The bamboo countertop contrasts with the dark backsplash. The gleaming vessel sink and faux-bamboo mirror frame were discount products found online, giving the bath Eastern flavor economically.

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    Vessel Sinks

    Vessel sinks are a great alternative to drop-ins and under-mounts, but they have to be planned for or they will be too high for guests. Also, they are a little tougher to keep clean, so putting them in powder rooms, where they will get less use, is a good choice. Here, a polished marble sink is paired with a counter made with petrified wood for a stunning look.

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    Decorate by Theme

    Establish a design theme to visually connect the powder room to the home's architecture or physical surroundings. Here, honey-color pine paneling, a furniture-style vanity, a copper vessel sink, and a hammered metal mirror convey the casual feel of a country cabin. Wall-mounted faucets are a great look, but require extra plumbing, so check with your contractor before you start your project.

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    Hotel-Style Luxury

    In this serene setting, stone floors, slate-covered walls, a teak vanity, and a basin sink exude hotel-style luxury to delight in every day. With its natural resistance to moisture, teak is a great choice for woodwork in any bathroom.

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    Use a Unique Feature

    When remodeling, consider replacing one fixture with a striking design feature, such as the Italian marble sink shown here. In this case, a classic antique adds architectural character and creates a fresh focal point. Minimal use of color and detail elsewhere in the space enhances the sink's starring role.

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    Keep Small Rooms Simple

    Simple, small-scale fixtures like this pedestal sink and toilet are often the best solution for a particularly small powder room like this one. Note how the homeowners used black-and-white toile wallpaper with an over-size pattern to play off the small size of the room.

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    Dramatic Effect

    If ever a room in the house lent itself to drama, the powder room is it. This powder room is all about its sculptural white pedestal sink, which stands out in sharp contrast to the textured walls, wood trim, and warm copper accents that add depth and dimension to the room.

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    Free Up Space

    When a room is tiny, anything you can do to help it free up useable space is important. For example, by using a mahogany pocket door instead of a standard in-swinging door in this very small powder room, the homeowners eliminated the need for door clearance-typically a 30-inch-wide arc.

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    Keep Everything Small

    Everything in this powder room had to be small, even the window, but by keeping elements to a minimum and using beadboard paneling on the walls for visual punch, this small bathroom looks great and works well. Note how the sink and faucet were set into a small furniture piece that was kept open underneath.

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