High temperatures and humidity can cause a lot of damage. What are you keeping in your bathroom that you shouldn't?

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Few things are better than a good read while taking a relaxing dip in a hot bath. However, books and magazines can absorb moisture, causing damage to the pages. Leaving a book in the bathroom for just a day can wrinkle the pages and deteriorate the binding. For your next at-home spa treatment, promptly place your book back on a bookshelf after bathing or switch to an old read you're willing to donate.

Medicine and Vitamins

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If you've ever read the information on your medicine bottles, you'll know that pills should be stored in a cool, dry location. So why then do so many of us stock our bathrooms with our daily doses? The bathroom's moisture alone is enough to wreak havoc, even if you take cold showers and abide by the average room temperature of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, move prescriptions to a hallway linen closet.


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Humidity can affect the temperature inside a bottle, causing perfumes and eau de toilettes to lose potency. Prevent fluctuations in air quality from spoiling your scents and sprays by storing them on your bedroom dresser or in a makeup vanity.

Nail Polish

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The average bottle of nail polish, if shaken regularly, can last up to two years. Why shorten that time by leaving it in a room with fluctuating temperatures? Keep nail polish from drying out by storing it in a bedroom vanity.


Closet Tour

If you own any vintage jewelry, you might have noticed discolorations in the metal. The tarnished look comes from oxidation, a natural process that is sped up by water and humidity, even on new accessories. Keep your necklaces, rings, and bracelets in a cool, dry room to preserve their sparkle and shine.

Spare Razor Blades

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Store any extra razor blades or shaving utensils out of water's way. Lingering moisture and steam from showers and baths can dull blades and promote rust, rendering them ineffective and possibly harmful.


Bath Linens storage, towels,

That musty smell in your towels? It occurs when you've folded and stored linens while still damp. Allow all bathroom linens, including towels, washcloths, and robes, to air after use until dry. Store extras in a linen closet outside of the bathroom.


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