The Art of Displaying Towels

Here's how to keep your towels dry and ready to use instead of piled in damp heaps on the floor.

Self-Serving Towels

Relieve yourself of the daily hassle of changing out dirty hand towels by positioning reinforcements within easy reach. A simple wine rack is an inexpensive and clever solution that keeps plenty of towels easily accessible.

Less Really Is More

Fold towels a uniform way for easy stacking. To fit towels in a specific location, consider stacking large folded towels next to hand or face towels. It's also appealing to stay with a white color scheme. You can bleach out stains, swap out towels with ease, and, best of all, they always match.

Learn how to fold a bath towel -- for a fluffy stack or to be hung on a towel rack -- with these handy tips.

How to Fold a Towel

Learn how to fold a bath towel so it has a beautiful hotel look.

Quick Roll-Up

Even the youngest family members can be taught to roll a towel -- a quick, no-fail way to keep towels looking neat. Teach everyone in the family to roll towels the same way so they'll easily stack by size and shape.

Dry Towels Faster

What's better for hanging towels: a bar or hooks? It's easier and faster to drop a wet towel onto a hook (especially for kids), but towels dry more thoroughly when spread across a bar. Using a ladder is an easy way to get the storage you need without installing any hardware pieces.

Have Fun Folding

When it comes to folding towels, don't get trapped into folding things the way it's been done before if it doesn't fit your cabinets. If your shelves are long, fold them long and flat to store as many as possible in the limited area.

Rustic Shelf Revival

If you're running out of room to store your towels, repurpose a rustic shelf or cabinet to keep your towels handy. Attach a shelf to a wall and fold towels to fit the space. Use the different slots to create an organizational structure.

Create Visual Interest

Use your creative thinking skills to make this handy shelf. Convert a child's chair into an extra towel storage display. Because towels can be as pretty as they are useful, you can also incorporate them into your decorating scheme.

Simple Space Saver

When space is tight and vertical, store your towels rolled up. Rolling can be easier than folding and makes it easy to grab one when you need it. Keep face and hand towels close to the sink for easy access.

High and Dry

Fold towels from end to end (like napkins) or stack them in open shelves. Whatever you do, make sure your towels are dry when you store them and unlikely to get damp over time. No one wants to deal with the effects of mildew, least of all your guests.

Warming Trends

Indulge yourself by tucking towels away in a warming drawer (just like the ones used in kitchens). Look to the kitchen for other great ideas such as roll-out shelves or cubbies.

Roll Out

For a decorative look, put towels on shelves with the rolled ends facing out. If the spiral appearance is a look you prize, keep towels confined to a shelf or container to prevent unrolling.

Easy Hang Up

If you need towels easily accessible for kids, think about making personalized towels for each child. Mount hooks to the wall and install grommets in your towels that can hang easily on the hooks. Giving each family member a different color makes towels -- including the ones left on the floor -- easy to identify.

Get Practical

Light-color towels are not as prone to fading, so they deliver the luxury look a little longer. You can also organize your towels by folding bath towels, hand towels, and face towels each a different way. That way, you'll grab the right size every time.

Portable Bathroom Storage

Lightweight containers keep towels portable. Consider rolling towels and placing them in a decorative hat box with toiletry items for your guest bath. It might also be useful to use one color of towels for guests and reserve another color for you and your family.

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