Thanks to better storage and easy DIY projects, this once-dated bath now accommodates three teenagers with style. See what smart design solutions they used that you can do, too!

Training teenagers to keep their bathroom organized often seems more frustrating than doing it oneself. This family's bath worked for the kids when they were young, but 10 years later they needed a more grown-up space with plenty of storage options to keep clutter at bay.

The room's ceiling is 9 feet high, so it made sense to put the walls to work. New built-in niches beside the shower keep necessities handy. A six-cubby tower, double-decker storage unit, and 36-inch-wide vanity amplify storage as well. The modern farmhouse look completes the upgrade. Best of all, the teens now find it simple to stay organized.


1. Maximize Space Between Studs

New storage niches within arm's reach of the shower give the teens handy places to stash essential items. Matching baskets help sort items and create a cohesive look. A new panel with magnetic door latches provides easy access to plumbing. 

To further update the kids' bath, the owners swapped in grown-up wallcovering and a shower/tub unit. A painted ladder holds chic storage baskets. 


2. Streamline a Store-Bought Vanity

Before, a pedestal sink and a red framed mirror fit well with the childish theme. However, it wasn't all too functional. In the bathroom makeover, a bathroom vanity with storage and countertop space was a must. Plus, see how they kept the same mirror, but instantly upgraded it to fit a teen's space. 

The old pedestal sink lacked storage potential. A new matte-black vanity now hides grooming essentials behind closed doors. A partial wall clad in repurposed barn boards separates the vanity from the tub-and-shower combo. 

Declutter your vanity or dressing table by pitching expired products or ones you seldom use. Categorize what remains by use for hair, skin, eyes, lips, nails, etc., and group similar items together. Use drawer dividers, bins, and baskets to keep products organized inside cabinets. Dress up the top of your vanity with select accessories; a dash of style will motivate you to keep things tidy.


3. Customize Cabinetry

Although plumbing for the sink takes up valuable space, a full-extension drawer inside the vanity cabinet keeps sundries and washcloths accessible for daily routines. The top shelf (cut to fit around the pipe) sports convenient outlets for a hair dryer and other styling tools.


4. Divide and Conquer

Custom drawer dividers ensure no space goes to waste. Divided drawer inserts allow grooming gear to be pulled out for morning and evening use. The vanity's top drawer stores dental supplies, the middle drawer stows shaving gear for the two brothers, and the third drawer holds the daughter's brush and lotions.


5. Utilize Every Inch of Space

The homeowners said good-bye to a rarely used toy chest and stool and said hello to a clean-lined storage tower that fits perfectly between the room's two windows. It stores items they needed quick access to, such as shoeshine gear and a bucket of cleaning supplies. Vintage thermos bottles serve as faux legs for the wall-mounted tower.


6. Incorporate Vintage Finds

The tower's clever storage includes apothecary jars that hold bath salts and soaps, and an old swimming-pool basket that organizes shaving gear and hairstyling supplies. The white "ouch" box keeps bandages, ointments, and other first-aid supplies handy.


7. Rethink Furniture Pieces

Four pieces came together to create a two-story shelving unit. The top tier is a repainted bookcase salvaged from the original bathroom. The base features a pair of shallow bookcases topped with a slab of lumber coated in one-step paint. Two wheeled hampers help the teens sort lights and darks for laundry day. Chalkboard labels with initials on baskets keep individual personal items separate. (An extra basket with a "G" holds supplies for guests.) Boxes on the top shelf hold seasonal items like flannel sheets.


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