35 Smart Bathroom Organization Ideas

Declutter your vanity, medicine cabinet, and more by implementing these simple bathroom storage ideas.

bathroom sink shelving blue white decor
Photo: Adam Albright

With so many assorted items to store, bathrooms require smart storage strategies to make the most of the available space. Whether you're organizing a tiny bathroom or working with a large vanity that has plenty of storage, we'll help you make the most out of every square inch.

Keep all your essentials tidy and streamline your morning routine with these stylish yet functional bathroom storage ideas. We're sharing our best tips for storing towels, optimizing shelf space, and organizing toiletries. You'll be able to store more in your bathroom when everything is neatly put away and easy to access.

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Single-Vanity Bathroom Storage

white bathroom vanity honeycomb floor marble counter gold fixtures
John Bessler

A single vanity boasts plenty of organizing potential with hardworking storage solutions. Instead of cabinet doors, the design features several smaller drawers that offer more opportunities to sort items by category. Wire baskets line the lower shelf to contain extra towels, toilet paper, and other essentials.

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Pull-Out Drawers

bathroom drawer open under white marble counter

Marty Baldwin

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom vanity, consider a style with large pull-out drawers. These are designed to wrap around the plumbing, usually include built-in dividers for easy organization, and feel custom. Store everything from your cosmetics and skincare to extra toilet paper and towels. For smaller items, such as nail polish or lipstick bottles, include extra drawer organizers to keep them tidy.

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Wall-Mounted Cabinet

bathroom with pink cabinet

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

If you're lacking a traditional medicine cabinet, consider mounting a tall, slim unit on a blank wall that can hold all that you would normally store above the sink. A combination of short and tall shelves allows you to arrange different sized bottles and jars. Try to keep products sorted by type, such as hair care products on one shelf and makeup and brushes on another. The items you apply daily should stored at eye level for easy access. Add labels so there’s no mistaking where things should be returned to after use.

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DIY Dresser Storage

Black and white bathroom
James Nathan Schroder

If you don't have vanity storage, think about giving an old dresser a makeover and using it for bathroom storage. Refinish it to mach the aesthetic of your room, such as the dresser used in this black and white bathroom. Place it near the tub to store extra towels, soaps, and salts so they’re within easy reach. Decorate the top with a tray full of your favorite fragrances, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a delicate table lamp.

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Recessed Bathroom Shelves

modern bathroom with built-in cubbies and marble tile
Werner Straube

The space between studs is perfect for uncovering extra storage. These bathroom shelves tuck into the narrow space behind the door to provide convenient storage for bath products and linens. Labels make it clear what items live in each of the bathroom storage baskets.

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Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Medicine Cabinet Organization
Cameron Sadeghpour

Supplement your medicine cabinet with organizers to categorize and contain items. Pretty glass jars hold cotton balls, hair accessories, and other items, while open containers organize brushes and small bottles. Shelf risers boost organization by creating multiple levels of storage on the same shelf.

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Repurpose Unexpected Furniture

cabinet in the bathroom

Jay Wilde

Just like adding a dresser in place of a vanity, placing a desk in the bathroom might seem like an unconventional idea—but it could give you the added storage you’re looking for. Bring in a narrow, antique secretary desk and set up your everyday toiletry stash. The front will fold down when you need to access the items, but you can hide the visual clutter (and create more walk space) by closing it. Place a basket with extra towels on the underneath shelf and add simple decor to the top to help tie the space together.

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Easy-Access Bathroom Storage

soft blue backsplash vessel sink
Laurie Black

A mix of drawers and open bathroom storage makes the most of this double vanity. Drawers store small essentials like makeup and toiletries, while the baskets below keep towels in sight and open up the vanity. A collection of jars on the counter keep everyday essentials, such as cotton balls and swabs, within reach.

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Floating Storage Shelves

white bathroom with black accents
Brie Williams

Floating shelves expand bathroom storage without taking up additional floor space. Reserve this area for items that will look good on display. Glass jars and attractive organizers will help you store bathroom necessities in style.

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Rolling Cart Storage

storage cart holding shower supplies

Kana Okada

A three-tiered cart on wheels can be used to organize anything from office supplies to diaper and nursing items. It’s incredibly versatile and inexpensive, which makes this an excellent addition to the bathroom. If you have a little floor space, roll it in and start arranging items on the shelves, keeping like categories together. Towels can be rolled or folded on the bottom tier, bubble bath and oils can hang out on the middle shelf, while daily items should be placed on top for easy access. Add a hook or use a clothespin to hang a body brush or loofah.

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Bathroom Storage Ladder

bathroom sink shelving blue white decor
Adam Albright

A small ladder beside the sink offers a spot to rest hand towels or small storage containers with hooks for hanging. A fresh coat of paint can transform an old ladder into a stylish piece of bathroom storage furniture. Plus, the ladder takes up much less space than traditional bathroom cabinets or organizers, so it's easy to sneak into tight spots.

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Divided Bathroom Drawers

wooden vanity drawer opened displaying makeup
Edmund Barr

Keep makeup organized with drawer inserts. Designate specific spots for lip gloss, eye shadow, and mascara so you'll never dig for your favorite color again. As an added bonus, each container will catch any spills, preventing hard-to-clean makeup stains inside your drawers.

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Built-In Bathroom Storage

white Bathroom Cabinets wallpaper
Jay Wilde

Investigate space between the bathroom wall studs, and you might discover hidden storage. Even if the space between rooms is shallow, bathroom wall shelves built between studs can hold tons of supplies and toiletries. If desired, add doors or drawers to conceal the clutter. Glass-front cabinets help the bathroom feel open and airy.

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Bathroom Vanity Storage

bathroom with dramatic wallpaper pattern
Nicole LaMotte

Make every inch count in a small bathroom. Use a narrow shelf under a vanity to store spare bath towels and washcloths. A basket can help conceal items you'd rather not display, such as extra toilet paper or small miscellaneous items.

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Secret Storage Spaces

bathroom cabinet with black hook

Christina Wedge

Sneak in a bit of extra bathroom storage space in a small bathroom with pull-out cabinets. These thin drawers can be added to places such as a partition wall between the toilet bowl and shower. Tuck away rarely-used items or backstock products like extra shampoo and body wash for when you run out and need to grab a new bottle quickly. Install a pretty hook on the outside for additional storage.

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Bathtub Storage Ideas

white bathroom built-in shelves bathtub
John Bessler

Carve out a spot for loofas, bath salts, and bubble bath in a recessed niche near the bathtub. Reserve the lower shelves for the items you reach for most frequently. Because they're more difficult to access, upper shelves are ideal for displaying decorative accents.

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Pegboard Storage

pegboard storage in the bathroom

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

While you might think of them as being best suited to hold tools in the garage or crafts in the office, pegboards can be used to organize almost anything in the house. Kids especially might find it fun and helpful to see their daily products, such as deodorant and mouthwash, out in the open on busy school mornings. Include baskets to store bottles and extra hand towels, as well as hooks for loofahs and scrubbers. After mounting the pegboard, consider adding a basket above the toilet paper holder for their favorite magazines or books.

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Repurpose Items from Around the House

rack holding towels in bathroom

Jason Donnelly

A wine rack can ultimately become the perfect place to keep extra bath towels. Mount it to the wall near the shower or tub and master the art of rolling them with consistency. Then slide them onto the racks, giving the larger towels their own but doubling or tripling up on smaller washcloths. This method works especially well for guest bathrooms, since guests can see and grab all the towels they need without having to ask for more during their stay.

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Suction Storage Baskets

makeup brushes suctioned to tile wall

Better Homes & Gardens

You might have seen suction containers used to keep things organized in the shower, and you can apply the same method to your bathroom countertops. Find cups or baskets that are designed to suction to bathroom tile and install them wherever you need a little extra storage, such as next to the sink. They can hold a set of makeup brushes, a toothbrush and toothpaste tube, or even your favorite face rollers for your nighttime skincare routine.

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DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

DIY colorful stacked crate bathroom storage
Jason Donnelly

Managing all of your bathroom essentials might require some creative DIY work. For this bathroom storage idea, wooden crates painted in fun colors are stacked to form open cubbies. Attach the boxes together using wood glue or nails. Metal bins and glass jars placed in a few of the crates corral small items such as sponges, bath salts, and cotton balls.

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Bathroom Cabinet Storage

bathroom cabinet
Michael Partenio

Store items you use every day, such as lotion, towels, and mouthwash, in a cabinet next to the sink. Extend your cabinetry from the vanity countertop to the ceiling to capture vertical bathroom storage space. This above-counter unit provides shelving for cosmetics and other bathroom necessities, which are contained with labelled trays. The lowest shelf includes a concealed electrical outlet.

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Bathroom Storage Baskets

Linen closet organized
Erik Johnson

Cut clutter in a bathroom cabinet with baskets. Put like items in each one to stay organized, and stash frequently used items in an easy-to-reach spot. Use matching baskets for a cohesive look.

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Countertop Corral

bathroom counter organizer

Carson Downing

Sometimes simple storage is best. If you only have a handful of bathroom products that you need each morning and night, place a tray with coordinating containers on the countertop. Organize your daily products here to streamline your getting-ready routines.

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Built-In Storage Hutch

built-in bathroom cabinet with cubbies holding rolled towels
Edmund Barr

Enhance bathroom storage with built-ins. Made to look like a painted hutch, this bathroom storage area includes open cubbies that are right-sized for rolled towels and small bath products. Store cotton swabs and cotton balls in glass canisters, and stash cleaning supplies out of sight in the lower cabinet.

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Bathroom Closet Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage closet
Marshall Johnson

Put every inch of a bathroom closet to work. Make room for extra towels, toilet rolls, cleaning supplies, and sheets on strategically spaced shelves. Label containers so you know where everything belongs. Hang hooks or a towel bar over the door for additional storage.

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Stylish Bathroom Storage

tan bathroom organized mirror storage
Michael Partenio

Combine organization and style with bathroom storage ideas that match the color scheme and finishes used throughout the space. In this neutral bathroom, open shelves hold woven baskets filled with soap, candles, and other toiletries. Metallic containers and trays display nail polish and pretty perfume bottles.

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Glass Storage Containers

Decorative glass containers storage bathroom

Decorative glass containers turn storage into decor. Display soap, sponges, and bath salts in pretty canisters on the countertop. Include a small scoop or tongs as needed so you can easily lift out what you need.

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Stackable Storage Trays

spa trays dividers bathroom supplies
Kritsada Panichgul

Keep bathroom shelves organized with stackable trays that sort items by category. Put all the supplies for doing your nails in one tray, for example, and spa accessories in another. Dividers keep the trays from getting cluttered, and labels let you know what belongs in each tray.

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Hair Tool Holder

hairdryer in bathroom storage

Carson Downing

Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners take up a considerable amount of space in the bathroom. Rather than shoving them into a drawer or the cabinet under the sink, give them a permanent home that also makes them easy to grab when it’s time to style. Over-the-door baskets made specifically for hair tools are simple and effective. If you don’t have a cabinet door, look for organizers that are standalone and have enough slots to hold multiple tools.

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Undersink Storage Solutions

Undersink bathroom space open cabinet
Jay Wilde

Optimize the space under the bathroom sink with a pullout storage caddy. Use containers to organize hair tools, nail products, and jewelry. Attach battery-operated, stick-on lights to the inside of the cabinet to illuminate the area.

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Bathroom Countertop Storage Ideas

Countertop double vanity storage
Edward Gohlich

A double vanity gets a storage boost with a countertop cabinet. Keep clutter at bay and store toothbrushes, styling products, and other grooming accessories in drawers and cabinets. A divider in the open lower shelf keeps towels organized.

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Double-Duty Bathroom Furniture

cushion bench storage
Michael Partenio

Choose bathroom furniture that pulls double-duty as storage. This bench, for example, offers hidden storage and a convenient place to dry off. The built-in drawer holds extra towels and toiletries.

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Glass-Front Bathroom Cabinets

traditional bathroom glass
Michael Garland

See-through bathroom storage ideas, such as glass-front cabinets, provide an incentive to keep items organized. Positioned behind a soaking tub, this built-in cabinet keeps towels, soaps, and sponges within reach. Glass doors and shelves make the cabinet feel light and airy while turning bathroom basics into decor.

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Bathroom Storage Caddy

clear caddy organize
Jay Wilde

Keep everything you need for an at-home manicure organized in a handy storage caddy. Pull it out of the cabinet when you need it, then put it away when you're finished. This bathroom storage idea also works well for cleaning supplies or hair tools and products.

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Tilt-Out Bathroom Storage

tilt out drawer toothbrush
Jay Wilde

Look for areas of wasted space that could be used for bathroom storage ideas. To make the most of the small space in front of the sink, transform a false drawer front into a tilt-out storage spot. This narrow area is great for stashing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

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