19 Clever Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

neatly organized bathroom cabinet

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Well-organized cabinets are the key to smoother mornings and relaxing evenings. Bring order to your vanity drawers, medicine cabinet, and under-sink area with clever bathroom cabinet organization ideas. These smart strategies will help you store more in a small space.

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Use Cabinet Door Space

medicine cabinet storage space
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Free up space within your bathroom cabinets by organizing items on the back of the door. A magnetic memo board mounted inside the door can provide space to store grooming tools and cosmetics. Look for small magnetic organizers and hooks to hold items, or attach magnets to the back of items to store them directly on the door.

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Under-Sink Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies under a sink
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Consider storing cleaning supplies in the bathroom so they're easy to access when you need them. To keep your under-sink cabinet organized, gather cleaners and tools in a small bucket or caddy. A two-tiered organizer doubles up on storage to maximize space.

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Hang Tools from Hooks

inside of bathroom cabinet door with adhesive hooks and shelf
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Adhesive hooks are a simple but effective way to organize bathroom cabinets. Mount a few on the inside of the door to hang up your hairdryer or brush and save counter space. Store hair products nearby for convenient access.

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Maximize Your Under-Sink Area

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If your vanity lacks closed cabinet space, make the most of the open under-sink area with a variety of attractive organizers. Trays can help corral bath products and keep bottles upright. Use baskets for larger items, such as extra toilet paper or towels.

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Medicine Cabinet Organization Ideas

Medicine Cabinet Organization
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See-through containers are essential when you need to grab and go. Stock your medicine cabinet shelves with acrylic, plastic, or glass holders that show off supplies. Rely on risers to boost storage capacity and keep small items in the foreground of cabinet shelves.

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Pullout Cabinet Organization

open bath cabinet with organization
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Introduce order to a large cabinet with a two-tier pullout shelf. A narrow top shelf glides past plumbing and allows space on the lower level for tall items. Adhesive, undercabinet lighting makes every corner visible.

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Remove Drawer Fronts

under sink storage
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Neatly organized open shelves provide easy access to toiletries and extra towels. Try removing doors or drawer fronts to turn your bathroom cabinet into open storage. Then use the space to showcase baskets and trays that sort and label bath products.

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Use Adhesive Cabinet Organizers

bathroom organization
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Maximize behind-the-door cabinet organization by hanging a magnetic knife strip and adhesive containers. Stick metal nail tools and bobby pins on the strip. Use acrylic holders to stow assorted nail polish and makeup.

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Divide Cabinet Drawers

drawer organizer
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Bathroom cabinet organization applies to your vanity drawers, too. Utilize trays and dividers inside drawers to keep bathroom products and cosmetics orderly. You can even repurpose household items, such as this party dip tray, to keep lip balm, lotion, and other nightly essentials at hand.

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Organize Bathroom Cabinets with Trays

bathroom cabinet
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Try trays inside a countertop tower to separate personal products and identify shared shelf space. The shallow containers keep toiletries in sight while labels boost cabinet organization. Line the inside of the trays with non-skid vinyl liner to prevent products from being jostled around.

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Incorporate Swivel Storage

bathroom container storage
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Easy access is essential in hard-to-reach deep bathroom cabinets. Make use of a spinning turntable to organize glass jars filled with disposable items. Cut labels from a vinyl decal sheet and accent with adhesive letters or scrapbook stickers.

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Tuck Away Trash

trash inside cabinet
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Keep a cumbersome trashcan out of sight by attaching it to a cabinet door. Adhere the lid to an interior wall so that the trashcan slides out and opens along with the cabinet door. However you hang it, make sure the garbage bag or inner bucket is easy to remove and empty.

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Mirror Cabinet Organization

bathroom vanity
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Choose a mirror that also functions as bathroom organization, such as this one with space-saving drawers that pull out sideways. The functional storage works as a medicine cabinet without having to be inset between wall studs. Adjustable shelves with guard rails easily stow slim lotions and perfumes.

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Organize Miscellaneous Cabinet Items

organized bathroom items in tray

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When storing miscellaneous items, such as brushes or nail tools, inside bathroom cabinets, feel free to think beyond store-bought organizers. Try keeping small items in order by clustering them within a tabletop tray. Repurpose metal votive holders with punchy patterned paper to sort cosmetic brushes.

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Bathroom Basket Storage

Bathroom storage
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For extra bath supplies of all sizes, look to sturdy wicker baskets. The inexpensive containers help organize cabinets while concealing objects that you don't wish to display. Simple labels made with paper tags and string make it easy to identify contents.

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Corner Cabinet Organization

cabinet storage
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Use all the space available inside bathroom cabinets, including hard-to-reach corners. Tiered corner shelves introduce an added layer of organization inside bathroom cabinets. Use them to collect spare toilet paper rolls and beauty supplies that are used infrequently.

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Free-Standing Storage

green built-in bath storage
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If your under-sink area doesn't offer enough storage space, try adding a free-standing unit, like this hutch-style cabinet. Fill the open shelves with frequently used items and extra supplies, including towels and toiletries. Contain cleaning supplies in a closed lower cabinet.

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Make Adjustments

bathroom cabinet
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Reposition shelves (or consider removing one) to make room for tall toiletries. This medicine cabinet, which was fashioned from a kitchen wall cabinet and trimmed to a shallow depth, makes the most of limited counter space while keeping all supplies in easy reach. An extra-short shelf is perfectly sized for small items like lotions and balms.

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Easy Access Organization

pull out cabinet storage
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Stop rummaging around in the back of your cabinets to find the supplies you need. For more convenient access, install a slide-out tray inside a base cabinet. Here, the smart storage solution keeps useful items, including cleaning supplies, paper towels, and a first aid kit, within arm's reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do new bathroom cabinets cost?

    Custom bathroom cabinets cost between $300 and $600 each, and stock bathroom cabinets are $50 to $500 each, plus installation. Depending on the cabinets you choose, there may be additional costs for painting or finishing.

  • What is the best material for bathroom cabinets?

    Solid wood is considered the best choice for bathroom cabinets, particularly oak. However, wood needs a durable finish, upkeep, and care; if a bathroom isn't well-ventilated, it can warp. MDF is a highly durable product that's a good alternative to wood and less costly.

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