Max Out Your Bathroom Storage

These small bathroom storage ideas will help you trick a slim setup into handling everything from accessories to oversize purchases.

These mini-but-mighty bath storage ideas will help you trick a slim setup into handling everything from accessories to oversize purchases.

Shampoo, towels, cosmetics, toothpaste, cotton balls, and the multitude of other bathroom products we use daily can easily overtake an average-size bathroom, let alone a small one. When you have tight quarters to work with, maximizing storage is essential. Rethink oft-overlooked spaces with a fresh eye for new nooks and crannies to store things. Opt for wall shelves and storage cubbies or use slim vertical units to save on floor space. Organizational helpers in the form of containers, baskets, and bins keep items in a specified place where you can find them when you need them. Mix and match our best bathroom organization tips to find what works for your space.

Target Toilet Space

The area around the toilet is often forgotten, but this tiny space is perfect for carving out storage. Design a built-in that features a mix of shelves and drawers. If built-ins aren’t in your budget, you can achieve the same function with a set of simple floating shelves or a freestanding unit. Consider unexpected furnishings to create unique bathroom storage. For example, a slender bookshelf or console table may be just what your bathroom needs. A toilet paper holder attached underneath a small shelf salvages a few more inches of precious storage space. Installing a shelf above the sink also works well to keep toiletries within arm’s reach. Small bathrooms are often relegated to function only, but shelves provide a display area for personal items too—try a candle, an art print, or a vase of flowers. Store less frequently used items on higher shelves and everyday items at eye level, where they can be reached in a pinch. If space is especially tight, a narrow tray on the back of your toilet can hold a few items. Many home goods stores sell toilet tank trays sized specifically for this purpose.

Creative Containers

Combat bathroom clutter by organizing beauty tools and supplies in clear containers or shallow trays. See-through containers allow you to view contents at a glance. A tiered tray lets you stack storage vertically. You don’t need to buy new, either—look for dishes, serving trays, or glass jars at thrift shops and antiques stores. These unique finds may have long since served their original purpose but can double as storage and decor for you. Group items by type and always remember to put them back in their spot after using. To keep counters free, choose wall-mounted accessories whenever possible. Think a wall-mounted makeup mirror, sconces for additional lighting, and hooks for towels. Look for surprise storage opportunities. A light fixture or towel hooks can be used to hold necklaces or scarves.

Box Up Bulk

All sizes of baskets, boxes, and bins help you conceal additional bathroom supplies. Label your baskets to keep everything organized so you can quickly find items later. If more than one person uses your bathroom, you might want to label bins by family member. Buying in bulk can be tricky when you have a small bathroom, but it’s worth your time to find a designated storage spot since items are often cheaper. Stash bulk products like extra shampoo bottles and toilet paper in the back of deep cabinets or on high shelves. If needed, look to a nearby closet or room outside of the bathroom to hold them until you need them.


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