We had several, "Why didn't we think of that!?" moments while watching this genius video by YouTuber Alisha Marie, in which she details 10 must-know life hacks for the shower. You have to shower, right? Might as well make it easy.

By Jessi Wilson
March 03, 2016
Shower Life Hacks

Keeping your bathroom organized and clean just got so much more enjoyable thanks to YouTuber Alisha Marie and her life hacks. Let us break them down for you.

1. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer in the shower.

Shower Hack 1.JPG

If you start having a crazy number of products line your tub, give this a try. Make sure to pick a mesh organizer that allows water to drain from the pockets.

2. Hang products from a curtain rod.

Shower Hack 2.JPG

Not only is this another amazing idea for keeping things organized in the shower, it also puts the products right at your fingertips. Bending over? Please!

3. Prevent rust with nail polish.

Shower Hack 3.JPG

You know that nasty ring your aluminum shaving cream can leaves on your tub? Here's a solution: Paint the bottom of the can with a clear nail polish to prevent the can from leaving rusty residue.

4. Clean your shower with grapefruit.

Shower Hack 4.JPG

That's right! Cut a grapefruit in half and use it to clean your showerhead and knob. The acid from the fruit gets the job done, plus it leaves a citrusy smell.

5. Keep products on a lanyard when traveling.

Shower Hack 5.JPG

This is the perfect solution for keeping your mini travel bottles organized and accessible.

6. Dry hair with a T-shirt.

Shower Hack 6.JPG

Wet strands are actually more susceptible to breaking than dry hair. Using a cotton T-shirt to dry hair instead of a towel is brilliant, because a T-shirt is much gentler.

7. Soak your showerhead in vinegar.

Shower Hack 7.JPG

When it's time to give your shower a deep clean, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead, leaving it there overnight. You'll wake up to find your showerhead squeaky clean.

8. DIY a shower cap.

Shower Hack 8.JPG

This may not be a long-term solution for keeping hair dry in the shower, but when you're in a pinch, this totally works. Simply tie a plastic shopping bag around your head and secure it with two knots.

9. Decorate with ribbons instead of curtain hooks.

Shower Hack 9.JPG

Instantly add an adorable twist to your bathroom decor without spending a ton of money by using ribbons to hang your shower curtain.

10. Remove clothing wrinkles while showering.

Shower Hack 10.JPG

This hack is an oldie but a goody, especially when you're short on time in the morning. Hang wrinkled clothing in the bathroom while you shower to let the steam work its magic on the wrinkles.


Watch Alisha Marie's full video below and check out her YouTube channel here.


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