13 Genius Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions

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Maximize your bathroom storage space—and keep the room looking good—by making use of the area above and around your toilet. We'll show you how to install shelving units, cabinets, ladders, and more so your bathroom can store more in style.

Rich Texture

Medicine cabinets are a bathroom staple, but they often look boring. Dress one up with a modern, rich mahogany finish and intricate tile details. Floating glass shelves add chic shine and extra storage. If you don't have a medicine cabinet, install one yourself in only a few hours. 

Nature Inspired

Not sure what to do with branches that fell in a recent storm? You're in luck. Broken tree limbs make adorable accents for plain white shelves. Start by cutting the branches into foot-long pieces. Measure two inches from the end on each shelf, mark the spot with a pencil, and drill through the mark into the bottom of one of your cut branches. Repeat on both ends of the board. Use a wood screw to attach the branches. Place the second shelf on top of the first, then drill and screw down into the attached branches. Repeat for however many shelves you'd like. Mount the shelves on wall-anchored screws.  

Ultra Storage Space

Tiny bathrooms often lack storage space. To make the most of your square-footage, consider adding built in shelves and drawers next time you remodel. Or, for a more budget-friendly option, install floating shelves above your commode, and flank it with vertical storage cubes. 

Step Up

It might seem silly, but a ladder shelf adjacent to the toilet is the perfect storage solution. Use the ladder as a spot to stash magazines, a few extra rolls of toilet paper, wet wipes, and other bathroom needs. Look for a ladder at a flea market or thrift store, then paint it a fun color to match your bathroom's decor. 

Colorful and Chic

Add colorful contrast to basic white cabinets by wallpapering their back walls. The process is simple—all you need is prepasted wallpaper, measuring tape, and a few other DIY supplies.  

Open Up

Wall cabinets are often designed to be attached vertically so they open like a door—but who says they can't be modified? When hung horizontally, cabinets open from the top down, kind of life an oven. Plus, they double as a chic shelf.  

Shiny and Slim

Sometimes the smallest items are the hardest to store. Keep cotton swabs, cotton balls, bandages, and more in tiny decorative boxes perched on floating shelves. Installing shelves on tile takes more effort than drilling into drywall, so be sure to choose the right size and type of tile bit for your drill. And make sure your hole is exactly where you want it before drilling—tile is not easily patched!

Little Things

Towel racks are a bathroom necessity, but hanging one on a vanity can make it look cluttered. Try installing a rack above the toilet. It's a convenient spot, and decorative towels can add style to the space. Consider installing a towel rack and shelf hybrid to maximize storage space. 

Float On

Floating shelves look cool on their own. But a vertical trio of shelves is a pretty approach to over-the-toilet storage. Build them yourself with our helpful tips! 

Simple Shelves

If your bathroom has an existing feature above the toilet—like this room's charming window—build your storage solution around it. Walnut casework spruces up the area and adds bountiful space to stash bath linens. When adding casework, be prepared to shell out extra money for a custom-built piece—especially if you have an awkward-size space above the toilet.

Bold and Black

Keep unsightly objects—lprescription bottles, paper products, extra toiletries—out of view with a sleek black cabinet unit. Hang it above the toilet with extra supports. 

Window Shopping

This farmhouse-inspired cabinet holds lots of necessities and still conveys character and charm. Get the look by transforming a vintage window into a cabinet door. Simply install hinges and a handle, and attach to the cabinet. 

Vertical Space

Long shelves look chic, but the exaggerated length can make it hard to find a space to hang them. Try a super-skinny shelf above your toilet—all it takes is a few wall mounts. As a bonus, look for a cabinet shelf with mirrored surfaces, which reflect the room and make it appear larger. 

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