Easy Cheap Bathroom Storage Ideas

Boost a small bathroom's storage with these budget-friendly organization tips and tricks. We'll show you how to make the most of cheap bathroom furniture, update bathroom shelves, and store more in style.

Boost your bathroom's storage for less with these smart organization tips and tricks.

Bathroom storage solutions don't have to break the bank. These small bathroom ideas on a budget will help you redo your space and add precious storage—all while looking stylish. We have bathroom shelf ideas, cheap bathroom furniture ideas, ideas for cheap bathroom vanities, and more ways to organize your bathroom on a budget.

Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions

Reuse and Repurpose

Repurpose old furniture for cheap bathroom storage solutions. New backing board, fresh paint, and new hardware will make a world of difference to an old hutch or a thrifted dresser. When choosing paint for your furniture flip, consider opting for a bolder hue to give your bath a pop of color. 

Add Open Shelves

Perfect for towels, boxes, and baskets, open shelves are a better alternative to cheap bathroom cabinets. Plus, you'll be able to conserve precious drawer space for unsightly items like extra toilet paper. Add labels to boxes for added convenience.  

Other Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Utilize Every Inch

Make bathroom furniture serve double duty. Use the top of a hutch as a makeup vanity. Glass bottles, metal cups, and decorative trays keep makeup brushes, hair accessories, and other odds and ends organized and at the ready. 

Turn the Tables

A lazy Susan lets you capitalize on bathroom storage space that might otherwise be out of reach. Any spots in cabinets or shelves where you have to take out everything in front to reach the items in the back—that's the perfect spot for a turntable tray.

Divide and Conquer

Plastic bathroom organizers separate and sort small items in drawers. Group like products together and assign a tray each for hair essentials, oral care, and first aid. Look for cheap dividers that will fit your drawers, or buy multipacks online.

More Solutions for Storing Bath Supplies

Get Creative

Towel bars can be expensive. Get the same look with a long drawer pull. Install one on the side of a vanity or another piece of bathroom furniture for a budget-friendly solution to storing hand towels. 

Stick to a Scheme

The number one way to keep bathroom ideas on a budget yet still looking stylish and sophisticated? Stick to a consistent color scheme. Each of your storage solutions will add to the room's overall design instead of looking mismatched. Blend all of the colors together with a simple floral arrangement.


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