Quick and Easy Bath Storage

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Bathrooms equal small spaces, high humidity, and lots of stuff. Here are clever ideas to order the chaos without breaking the bank.

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Double Duty

white bathroom

A simple pair of floating shelves under a window adds personality and storage to an otherwise awkward space. Use the unit to display decor items, such as pretty perfume and bath oil bottles, along with extra linens.

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Space-Saving Storage


Hang an over-the-door bin specifically for styling tools to get them off the counter and within easy reach. If you put away hot blow dryers or flat irons, ensure the storage basket you choose will stand up to the heat.

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Pretty Up Standard Storage

bathroom shelving, blue shelving, blue and white shelf, bathroom storage

A simple wall cabinet gets special treatment with a coat of bold blue paint, which easily adds color to this corner of the room and ties it in with the shower curtain opposite (not shown). White accessories and extras stand out against the new backdrop.

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On a Platter

Beauty Station

If you have countertop space around your sink, add a tray or platter to keep frequently used toiletries at hand. Cups or vases creatively hold brushes and combs while freeing up space for other essentials.

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At Home in the Bathroom


Use storage solutions from other rooms to maxmize the bathroom's storage potential. Here, lidded storage jars for dry goods corral small bathroom items and keep drawers in order. Utensil storage baskets hold other cosmetics.

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To the Wall

bathroom storage, green bathroom, green and white bathroom

In a small bathroom, make use of vertical space with a wall-mount storage cabinet. This mirrored version bounces light around the room and provides space for much-needed extras.

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Colorful Cups

master bedroom storage

A collection of ceramic cups and a teak silverware caddy combine to create countertop storage in this bathroom. The colorful cups coordinate with the rest of the room and add a personal touch.

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Less Is More


Simplify the storage in a vanity by removing the cabinet door and adding a shelf, creating easy-to-access storage. Towels in varying colors add to the bathroom's color scheme and keep guests from searching for a towel.

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Floating Storage


A simple floating shelf offers additonal storage in a bathroom with limited countertop space. By adding a mirror, this corner of the room can serve another person if the main sink is in use.

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Decor Turned Storage


Don't limit yourself when it comes to storage. Jewelry finds a home on the necks of these figurines. A decorative dish holds smaller pieces and loose earrings on this dressing table.

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Basket Storage

Update Light Fixtures

Set a large woven basket next to the sink or on an open shelf for instant storage. Stock it with plenty of fresh, fluffy towels to add soft texture to the space.

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Stylish Climb


One rung of this simple ladder holds a hand towel, and another, with the addition of a small shelf, holds other bathroom necessities.

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On a Roll

Quick + Easy Bath Storage

An unused area beneath a modern sink offers ample space for storage. For a trendy take on traditional storage, roll up towels and place them in wooden magazine racks in the open space.

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Get Hooked

bathroom storage

Simple shelves and hooks help organize the bath and keep essentials off the countertops and floors. Easy-to-assemble shelves are available at home centers, and hooks are an inexpensive way to hang towels and robes.

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Smart Shelves

bathroom shelf

Boost bathroom storage by adding a shelf above the sink—an especially handy solution if you have a pedestal sink. Choose a shelf with enough space to hold items used daily. This shelf's style mimics the curvy light fixtures and creates a subtle color contrast with the crisp white space.

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Repurpose and Reuse

DIY colorful stacked crate bathroom storage

Wood crates get a new life as a storage system thanks to a coat of bright paint and smart configuration. Brackets hold the boxes together, and a few screws into the studs keep the solution sturdy.

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By the Bath

master bedroom storage

Corral your favorite bath soaps, gels, and loofahs in a handy bin right on the tub surround. Having all of your tub items in one place is convenient and frees up storage space in your vanity or medicine cabinet for other items.

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Freestanding Furniture

neutral bathroom

If space is tight but you need storage, consider a small furniture piece. Balance a freestanding sink with a shelving unit of equal height. Add a makeup vanity between two pedestal sinks for a comfy spot to primp. Top the unit with a decorative accent, or use the top as extra counter space.

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New Use for Old Items

green built-in bath storage

Repurpose household items as clever bathroom storage. Here, a refurbished cabinet offers practicality, color, and character by housing towels and bath necessities. Decorative jars are just right for storing smaller items, such as cotton swabs and cotton balls.

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Storage Cubes

storage bins

A simple cube storage unit, commonly used in home offices, can be an inexpensive way to add extra storage. Adapt a standard piece to be more bathroom-friendly by adding towel hooks and a variety of bins to corral small items.

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Hang On

towel bar on bathroom vanity

No wall space next to the vanity? No problem! Attach a small towel bar—or a toilet paper holder or simple hook if space is tight—for a within-reach hand towel. Bonus points for a bright color!

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Use Open Spaces

Serene Strokes

Slide canvas-lined wicker baskets, metal bins, or other containers under your sink to make good use of the real estate. Employ the side of your vanity by installing a small towel bar or hooks for hand towels.

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On Hand

traditional bathroom

Organize hand towels and other bath necessities close to the tub by utilizing space between studs for built-in shelves. This ensures fresh, clean towels and other toiletries are always within reach.

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Mixed Use

storage containers

Mix and match the storage in your bathroom by stacking bins and baskets under the sink. Shop for storage designed for every room of the house to find the best solution for you.

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