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Bathing, showering, grooming: With all those daily to-dos, who wants to fight bathroom clutter? Try these storage and organization solutions to max out your decluttering strategies.

Take Advantage of Narrow Spaces

Storage and organization solutions in a bathroom don't have to gobble lots of vertical or horizontal space. Balance what you have with what you need for decluttering ideas that help your room work better. Here, to gain more closed-door and drawer space, the homeowners installed two half-height cabinets, which allowed them to keep the double windows but gain both storage and surface area.

Close Up Undersink Storage

Doors and drawers might be a bit more expensive than open storage, but in a bathroom they can work wonders to tame clutter. Smaller drawers help divide bath necessities even more by function or type.

These mini-but-mighty bath storage ideas will help you trick a slim setup into handling everything from accessories to oversize purchases.

Maximize Space Over the Toilet

If you're devoted to bathroom decluttering, it pays to take advantage of all those neglected spaces. One great spot for extra storage and organization: above a toilet. It's a perfect spot for a head-height shelf to stash extra towels or toilet paper rolls.

Use the Backs of Doors

Even narrow inches can be a storage and organization boon to a bathroom. Take the backs of doors: Outfit short cabinets with slim caddies or magnets, and try pegboard and narrow hooks for taller spaces. Here, grooming and makeup tools and supplies stay close at hand for an easy-see decluttering solution.

Solve Overstuffed Closets

Storage and organization solutions don't have to be expansive or overdone to make a real impact on your daily routines. Take overstuffed closets: You can quickly relieve their storage burden without taking up too much space in your bathroom. Simply declutter by using a basket -- filled with extra linens and towels -- and a small shelf to keep items close but out of the way.

Contain Cord Clutter

Many bathrooms are space smart -- but that doesn't mean you get to eliminate all the space-hogging essentials, including hair dryers, curling irons, and other corded items. And those cords can quickly get tangled and create a daily mess on countertops. Try this simple decluttering solution: Tuck any corded appliance in a basket that you place out of sight after each day's use.

Toss Expired Makeup and Meds

Yes, you may love that shade of eye shadow from five years ago, but chances are it's expired -- and you've got plenty of other, newer options. At least twice a year, go through your makeup and medicine drawers or shelves, checking for expiration dates and old products. Toss what you can, and put the rest back in place, using some decluttering-smart clear bins or dividers.

Put Extras Elsewhere

There's no harm in getting stuff you don't use very often -- that holiday-party curling iron, those extra-luxe guest towels -- out of the bathroom. Stash them nearby, like in a hall closet or bedroom with extra shelves, to declutter your bathroom. Make sure to label baskets and bins so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

Install Pullout Shelves

If you can easily find what you need, it's easier to keep it well organized. In a bathroom, try pullout shelves, outfitted with see-through baskets, to stash necessities. Label each bin, too, to make decluttering and storage simple.

Give Your Counter Some Zen

Clutter's like a magnet: Once it starts, it's hard to control. Bathroom counters are a prime place to attract it, with soap, towels, and other supplies quickly littering work surfaces. To declutter your bathroom countertops, strip away the nonessentials, and gather everything else in a decorative tray.

Divide Supplies with Baskets

Baskets: They're the decluttering task masters, appropriate for virtually any decor and any room, including the bathroom. Choose one style or color for your space, and include a couple to divide by function or storage solution -- one for extra towels and one for laundry, for example. Look for options with handles to make moving them around easier, too.

Use Towel Hooks

One easy way to reduce visual clutter: Hang your bath towels from hooks instead of bars. Most people don't take the time to neatly hang wet towels on a bar, but when stashed on a hook, the look is less distracting.

Invest in Portable Caddies

Grooming supplies stashed in a bathroom often include lots of little odds and ends that are difficult to keep organized. Inexpensive and portable, caddies offer a good answer to decluttering all these miscellaneous items. Use multiples -- one for makeup, one for grooming, another for nail products -- and tuck them out of sight when not in use.

Find Narrow Spaces for Towels

Keeping your floor free and clear goes a long way to maintaining a decluttered bathroom. If you don't have lots of room for towel hooks and bars, borrow space where you can -- here, a handy, at-the-ready spot outside the shower door.

Cut Visual Clutter

It's a simple decluttering truth: If a space promotes visual Zen, you're more likely to keep it tidy and organized. Purchase same-color linens and towels. They instantly dress up open cabinets, such as these glass-front doors. White especially is easy to replace and goes with a variety of decors and color schemes.

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