Organize Your Bathroom with These 16 Must-Have Storage Products from Amazon

Create a clutter-free bathroom with these top-rated storage items.

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Tackling a disorganized bathroom can seem like a daunting task. Clutter can overtake this small space quickly when it comes to cosmetics, linens, hair tools, and other daily essentials. No matter which spot needs the most attention, whether it's your shower or messy vanity drawers, these bathroom storage products make getting ready in the morning a lot more efficient.

bin organization in bathroom drawers
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Luckily, decluttering your bathroom doesn't need to take a lot of time or be expensive. Small fixes can make all the difference. Try focusing on one area at a time, and think about storage items that will help keep it organized. The following storage solutions from Amazon will help you create a stress-free environment in your bathroom.

Best Drawer Organizers

bathroom tray organizer drawer storage
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Bathroom drawers overflow with products quickly, and finding what you need can seem impossible. By adding drawer organizers, your space will become much easier to navigate. This nine-piece set is customizable to fit your drawer's sizes and product needs. Multiple trays make it quick and easy to take charge of your current bathroom drawer. First, start by cleaning out your drawer and placing the trays in the desired arrangement. After that, designate each tray to a certain bathroom product, whether it be skincare, make-up, or dental hygiene products, this way, everything will have a home, and you'll be much more at peace while getting ready.

Best Overall Vanity Organizer

bathroom plastic storage organizer
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Whether you decide to place this product organizer on your counter or close it under the sink, this bin is a perfect solution to your disorganization habits. We recommend placing your most-used products in this container, making them easily accessible. The five different compartments make it simple to customize this container to your needs. Handles on this caddy make it easy to take out when using the items inside. Make this bin strictly for your kids' items to keep their stuff separate and out of your way.

Best Wall Storage

bamboo bathroom storage rack adjustable multifunctional
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This bamboo bathroom shelf is perfect for multifunctional use while keeping design and style in mind. The shelves are adjustable, making them customizable to your needs and space. No more will products be sprawled out on the counter; now they all have a home. Instead of placing this on your counter, you can also attach it to your wall, making it a floating shelf. If you are crammed for counter-space, hang this above your toilet or by your mirror. Whether you fold up towels, place toilet paper rolls, or make this your three-tiered skincare items oasis, this shelf eliminates clutter with an organic style twist.

Best Makeup Organizer

360 rotating makeup organizer adjustable rack
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Forget about your messy makeup drawer overflowing with products. This makeup organizer can rotate a full 360 degrees and has adjustable shelves for personalized storage. With a designated spot for brushes and removable shelves, this organizer has a place for every type of cosmetic. While this rotating organizer is designed for makeup, it's also great for storing skincare or small toiletries.

Best Small Shower Organizer

corner shower shelf floating metal organizer
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When your shower doesn't have shelves, it can be hard to keep products organized. Say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner on your shower floor with these adhesive shelves. The rust-proof caddies require no drilling, so they are renter-friendly, plus they feature a 90-degree angle shelf, making them great for corners. Four hooks for hanging items like washcloths or loofas keep your shower organized.

Best Overall Shower Storage

corner shower storage metal bronze
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If your shower is cramped or overflowing with products, this tension pole shower caddy is the answer. The four shelves provide a home for all your items. With adjustable shelves, this corner caddy is completely customizable to your needs, especially if you have tall products that are hard to fit. It adjusts from 5 feet to 8 feet tall and requires no tools for installation.

Best Floating Shelves

floating shelves wall mounted metal frame towel rack
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These floating shelves with a built-in towel rack are perfect for small spaces. Free up counter space by placing skincare products on this shelf and storing your hand towel on the lower rung. Hang the shelves side by side, or stack one on top of the other depending on the width of your wall.

Best Storage for Hair Tools

hair tool organizer black acrylic holder organizer
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Setting hot curling irons and hair dryers on your countertop can damage the surface. Keep your hair tools and products organized (and surfaces safe) with this vanity caddy. Available in two sizes and three colors, this hair tool organizer features three stainless-steel cups suited for hot styling tools.

Best Discreet Storage

hot tools storage over the door metal bronze
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For a simple organization fix for your hair tools, this over-the-door storage is perfect. While it can also be mounted to the wall, we recommend placing it over your vanity door for concealed storage that keeps your hot tools easily accessible and safe.

Best Jewelry Holder

jewelry holder black metal stand
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Finding the proper way to store jewelry without tangling can be difficult. This simple jewelry rack is perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets. The bottom tray is ideal for storing rings and small earrings. Available in black, white, and silver finishes, this stand pairs easily with any bathroom color scheme.

Best Baskets

metal storage organizer bin bathroom
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If you buy in bulk, it can be a struggle to store those extra toilet paper rolls. But you don't have to sacrifice style for storage. Place this wire basket on the back of the toilet or below your sink—wherever you've got a sliver of unused space. Add a reed diffuser or a small plant to the basket alongside the toilet paper rolls for a storage that doubles as display space.

Best Multiuse Containers

plastic container bathroom storage qtip cotton rounds
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This set of plastic apothecary jars is perfect for storing small items you use every day, whether cotton swabs, bandages, or makeup wipes. Decant bulk items into these jars and recycle the packaging for a clutter-free bathroom. These apothecary jars could also be filled with Epsom salts for spa day.

Best Medicine Cabinet Organizers

plastic storage container organizer bathroom
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These small plastic bins with handles are perfect for transforming your medicine cabinet. Designate each one with a certain product type. Place those products in their assigned tray, whether vitamins, medication, or cosmetics, then label each bin. The containers come in seven sizes so you can use them in your linen closet or vanity, too.

Best Bathroom Cart

three tiered car storage black metal
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The answer to many organization issues is a rolling cart, and this one is the ideal size for a bathroom. At just over 5 inches wide, this utility cart is extremely narrow and can fit in even the smallest bathrooms. Place it alongside your vanity and store folded towels, toilet paper rolls, bath supplies, or kid's bathtub toys for quick organization. If you've outgrown your need for this cart in your bathroom, its slim design is sure to fit somewhere else in your home where more storage is needed.

Best Toilet Paper Organizer

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This small cabinet not only stores toilet paper rolls discreetly, but it also has a dispenser. It comes in white and black and features a waterproof finish so you don't have to worry about placing it next to your bath or shower. The top features display space for a small plant or decor item. This toilet paper cabinet comes in three different sizes, depending on your storage needs.

Best Under-the-Sink Storage Drawers

storage drawers plastic clear
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These clear, stackable bins are a perfect storage addition to any bathroom vanity. Designate each drawer to a person or type of product to organize the area under your bathroom sink. The drawers make it easy to access items and contain clutter. Stack multiple drawers to capitaliz on wasted vanity space.

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