Cabinets can help you get your bathroom organized. Get our best tips for using on-the-wall storage units to maximize vertical space and keep your toiletries tidy.


Running low on closet or vanity space for tucking away bathroom linens and toiletries?

Create new storage opportunities using the walls in your bathroom. Available in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and configurations, bathroom wall cabinets are a great way to convert unused wall space into a storage powerhouse.


The most popular bathroom cupboard is the medicine cabinet. There are many options that hang directly on the wall over the sink to provide behind-the-mirror storage space. For a higher-end look, however, consider a recessed cabinet. Although a bit trickier to install, these models sit partially inside the wall to create deeper shelves that can keep even more junk out of sight.

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Another smart storage solution is a toilet topper. A basic wall cabinet with doors and shelves turns a blank wall into a functional area for conveniently stashing away small bathroom needs, including toilet tissue. There are also freestanding over-the-toilet cabinets that straddle the commode and often require no holes in the wall.

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Although not actually mounted to the wall, freestanding linen towers are another practical way to take storage vertical. These freestanding cupboards are typically tall and narrow and can make the most of even a small open bit of wall space. They offer a bank of shelves, either open or behind a door, to keep towels at hand and other toiletries tidy.

Storage and Character

When buying bathroom wall cabinets, you'll need to choose between units with solid doors and those with glass doors. While glass doors disappear and can make the room seem larger, they also expose the contents of your cabinets. You can use matching boxes or baskets to reduce visibility of your items and create a pretty display. Frosting or etching the glass can also preserve airiness while increasing privacy.

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