Towel Display Ideas

Whether you put them in baskets or on shelves, get ideas for stylishly storing your bath towels and linens.

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    Conveniently Close

    Store baskets under sinks for easy access to towels. This is a way to avoid putting holes in walls with towel rings and bars. Towels will stay neatly folded and give the bathroom a homey touch.


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    In Plain Sight

    Make towels part of your bathroom decor by storing them where they can be seen. A ladder shelf displays folded towels that look organized and give the room an added pop of color.

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    Semihidden Storage

    Towels can be easily stored in open cabinet space underneath countertops. For a more formal look use structured baskets to hold stacks of towels. To change up the feel of a bathroom, don't be afraid to use baskets with lots of texture and color. 

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    Stack Them Up

    Stack towels on a towel rack placed close to the shower. This shelf does double duty: folded, clean towels sit above, while hooks below hang wet towels to dry.

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    Shelf Drawers

    Warm up a space by designing shelves with large "drawers" for towels and supplies. These can go in a vertical space like the one shown here, or try an open area under a sink or in an unused niche.

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    Best Way to Fold a Towel

    Make your towels look fluffy and inviting -- just like at a hotel -- with these quick tips!

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    Vanity Shelf

    Hang towels from vanity shelves to keep them within reach after washing hands. This is a perfect solution for bathrooms with pedestal sinks where counter space is limited.

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    Repurposed Coatrack

    Take a coatrack from the hallway to the bathroom for sophisticated and convenient storage. Placing the coatrack by the tub or shower ensures that towels are always close by. 

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    Freestanding Shelves

    Create a unique towel display by using a freestanding hutch or bookcase in the bathroom. You'll gain tons of extra storage, plus keep towels at the ready.

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    Hotel Chic

    Make any bathroom feel like an upscale hotel by adding a multipurpose towel rack. This rack has space to stack folded bath towels and also has a rung for hand towels. Take the look further with monograms on the towels.


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    Rolled Perfection

    Give an open shelf a boost of style by rolling towels and stacking them to fill each cubby. This technique also lends a spa feel to a bath.

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    On the Shelf

    Add a custom pullout to your bathroom cabinets for hanging hand towels out of sight. You can also outfit existing cabinets with towel bars that attach over the top of the cabinet door.

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    Short Stack

    For a sophisticated look, neatly stack towels in open shelves. If there are varying sizes of towels put the biggest towel on the bottom of the pile and work your way up in size to make a pyramid. Stack three or four towels at a time so shelves don't look overcrowded.

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    Use as Accessories

    Mingle towels amongst other bathroom accessories in a hutch. Here towels are rolled, folded, and put in a bowl. Depending on the accessories you choose, the possibilities for storing towels are endless.

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    Basic Bar

    If space is tight in the bathroom, put a simple towel bar on the side of a cabinet or vanity. This creates a place for towels to stay without getting in the way.

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    Double Towel Rack

    Save space by installing two towel bars, and hold twice the towels in the same wall space as a single bar.

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    Rolled for Display

    Any bin, basket, or pot can be turned into a stylish towel holder and underscore a bathroom's decorating theme. These cubes are perfect for holding four rolled up towels.

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    Towels as Art

    Outfit decorative shelves with careful displays of accessories, towels, and bath necessities. Consider each item as art and choose ways to show off its best features.

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    Take a Seat

    Use a spare chair as a towel holder and add a little charm to your space at the same time. Fold towels neatly on top of the seat so the bathroom still feels in order. 

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    Within Reach

    Bars installed under an open countertop are a handy place for towels used every day. They also serve to hide less-than-attractive plumbing under the sink.

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    Bowled Over

    Give your bath a designer look by filling a punchbowl, box, or platter with a set of rolled towels.

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    Out of Sight

    Window seats, vanities, and benches can provide lots of handy towel storage behind closed doors. Sort towels by size or color to get the most from your available space.

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    Get Hooked

    Hanging towels lets you store more of them in a narrow area. Put simple hooks next to the sink for small hand towels and washcloths. This solution makes smaller towels easy to change out.

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