28 Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas That Are Pretty and Practical

Turn to baskets, hooks, shelves, and other towel holder ideas to tidy up your bathroom.

white subway tile bathroom with wooden vanity
Photo: Marty Baldwin

It's always a good idea to have extra towels on hand in the bathroom, but storing them in an attractive way can be a challenge. Whether you put them in baskets, on hooks, or atop shelves, how you store your bath towels, washcloths, and other linens plays an important role in the overall look of your bathroom. These towel display ideas will bring pretty and practical storage to your bathroom.

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A Ladder Towel Rack

bathroom sink shelving blue white decor
Adam Albright

Capitalize on vertical space by leaning a ladder against one wall to use as a towel rack. This towel display idea works for both damp towels and freshly laundered ones. To keep it budget-friendly, look for an old wooden ladder at flea markets or thrift stores and refresh it with a coat of paint. Use the lower rungs to hang small buckets of bathroom accessories, such as brushes and combs.

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Stylish Towel Rings

Double sink with geometric wallpaper
Werner Straube

Hang hand towels from wall-mounted rings to keep them within reach. This towel storage idea works well in small bathrooms with pedestal or floating sinks, where counter space is limited. In addition, you'll have the chance to show off any decorative bath towels you have on hand.

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Stacked Towel Storage

walk in shower marble blue and gray bathroom

Stack towels on open shelves placed close to the shower. To save space in this small bath, a slim set of shelves is recessed into a wall behind the door. Lower shelves hold stacks of clean towels and linens, while the other spots keep bathroom essentials close. A hook between the shelves and shower holds the towel of the day.

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DIY Basket Shelves for Towels

baskets used on wall for bathroom storage
Adam Albright

For a creative towel display idea, mount a set of wicker baskets on the wall above the vanity to use as floating shelves. The long, narrow shape is the right size for storing extra hand towels and washcloths. Use the other baskets to store frequently used toiletry items, such as hand lotion and cosmetics.

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Open Towel Stack

Bathroom with blue and white plaid wallpaper
Laura Moss

For a sophisticated look, neatly stack your towels in open shelves beneath the vanity. If you have varying sizes of towels, put the largest one on the bottom and work your way up in size to form a pyramid. Only stack three or four towels at a time, so that the shelves don't look overcrowded.

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Balanced Towel Display

laundry room white open shelves with folded towels and products
Brittany Ambridge

In this powder blue bathroom, the towel display provides a visual break to balance graphic wallpaper. Three plain white shelves topped with neat white towels are a contrast to the busy wallpaper. Plus, the open shelves make it easy to grab towels and toiletries during your morning routine.

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Basket Storage Solution

large woven basket holding folded towels under bathroom sink
Michael Partenio Productions

For a collected but casual look, store towels in a basket rather than on a shelf. A large woven basket can store up to five bath towels when they're rolled up. To maximize the functionality of this simple towel display, add another matching basket to collect used towels for an easy transfer to the laundry room.

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Clever Towel Display Ideas

green bathroom with white octagon shelving small sink vanity
Carson Downing

This fun bathroom has multiple towel storage solutions. Large bath towels hang neatly on hooks with the initials of each designated user. On the opposite side of the vanity, a unique hexagon shelving unit provides several compartments for toiletries. Just an arm's reach away from the sink, rolled-up washcloths and hand towels make smart use of the space.

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Industrial-Style Storage

beige wall wooden open shelves with industrial fixtures
Jason Donnelly

This towel display idea (which can be easily DIYed using wood boards and iron pipes and fittings) brings industrial-style decor from the living room to the bathroom. Extra linens fill the top shelf, while daily items sit at a more accessible height. A handy bar below holds hand towels.

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Tower Storage for Towels

dark blue bathroom with tall black tower shelving holding towels
Adam Albright Photography

Don't be afraid to use furniture in your bathroom that is meant for other rooms. This bathroom benefited from a glass display case nestled between the vanity and wall. The slender storage unit holds bathroom towels and display-worthy decor. The enclosed shelves keep everything neat, tidy, and away from moisture.

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A Recessed Towel Shelf

white subway tile bathroom with wooden vanity
Marty Baldwin

At first glance, you might miss this bathroom's clever towel storage spot. A recessed shelf near the base of the vanity holds two generous stacks of towels. Keeping the towels in a separate compartment leaves more room in limited vanity drawers and in the small recessed shelves above that hold toiletries. To recreate this towel display idea, take advantage of the space between the wall studs when you remodel your bathroom.

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Open Towel Display

bathroom narrow dark shelves holding towels between dual pedestal sinks
Panichgul Studios

Make towel storage part of your bathroom decor by stashing them where they can be seen. A ladder shelf displays folded towels that look organized and give the room an added pop of color. Plus, you'll be able to tell at a glance when you're running low on fresh towels and need to do a load of laundry.

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Lower Shelf Storage

long dark wood vanity with drawers and shelves under dual sinks
Laura Moss Photography

Open areas underneath vanity countertops are prime spots for storing towels. For a more formal look, use structured baskets to hold stacks of towels. To change up the feel of a bathroom, choose baskets in a contrasting color or texture.

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A Below-Sink Towel Basket

basket with towels under wooden table with bowl sinks
Michael Partenio Productions

Store baskets under sinks for easy access to towel storage. This towel display idea allows you to avoid putting holes in walls with towel rings and bars. Towels will stay neatly folded and give the bathroom a homey touch.

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Shelf Drawers for Towels

dual sink bathroom with built-in open shelving
Kim Cornelison Photography

Recessed shelves and niches are perfect places for storing towels. To incorporate a closed storage component into your built-ins, outfit some shelves with large "drawers" for towels and supplies. Store your most frequently used items out in the open and reserve the drawers for small miscellaneous items.

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A Repurposed Coatrack for Towels

bathroom with free-standing tub and coat rack for towels
Edmund Barr Photography

This storage solution isn't just for the entryway. With multiple easy-access hooks, coatracks are ideal for hanging damp towels to dry or for storing extras within reach of the shower. Borrow a coatrack from your hallway to use in the bathroom as a sophisticated and convenient towel hook.

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Freestanding Shelves for Towels

white claw-foot tub tall cabinet with open shelving on top
Ed Gohlich Photography

Use a freestanding hutch or bookcase in the bathroom for an elegant towel storage idea. With wide open shelves, you can keep multiple stacks of towels at the ready. Use a large basket to house washcloths and other small linens.

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Towel Rolls

built-in bathroom cabinet with cubbies holding rolled towels
Edmund Barr

Give open bathroom cupboards a boost of style by rolling towels and stacking them to fill each cubbyhole. Besides saving space, the rolled technique also lends a spa-like feel to a bath. Be sure to give wet linens a place to dry by hanging them on hooks or a rack.

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Basic Towel Bar

close-up of towel bar on side of vanity with yellow hand towel
Adam Albright Photography

If space is tight in the bathroom, mount a simple towel bar on the side of a cabinet or vanity. Or, add a hook to the back of a door. These space-savvy bathroom storage ideas create a place for towels to stay without getting in the way.

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Pullout Towel Holders

close-up of modern pull-out towel bar in vanity
Edmund Barr Photography

Not a fan of displaying your towels? Add a custom pullout to your bathroom cabinet for hanging hand towels out of sight. You can also outfit existing cabinets with towel bars that attach over the top of the cabinet door.

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Take a Seat for Towels

white bathroom black trim windows with chair holding towels
Kip Dawkins

Use a spare chair as a towel holder and add charm and storage to your space. Fold towels neatly on top of the seat so the bathroom still feels in order. To prevent the pile from falling over, don't stack more than two or three towels at a time.

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Double Towel Racks

close-up white bathroom wooden cabinet with glass shelves
Michael Partenio Productions

Save space by installing two towel bars. This smart hack holds twice the towels in the same wall space as a single bar. Each bathroom guest will have their own rack, and you'll avoid any confusion as to whose towel is whose.

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Rolled Towel Display

open bathroom double-door closet with shelves and laundry cart
Adam Albright Photography

Any bin, basket, or organizer can be turned into a stylish towel holder. These cubes outfitted with diagonal dividers are perfectly sized to hold four rolled-up towels. As an added benefit, they tuck neatly into closet shelves so they can be hidden from view when the doors are shut.

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A Budget-Friendly Towel Storage Unit

white bathroom with pastel-colored crate shelves
Jason Donnelly

Consider towel holder ideas as part of your bathroom's decor. Outfit decorative shelves with displays of accessories, towels, and bath necessities. Here, wooden crates painted in fresh colors are stacked to form a creative (and budget-friendly) bathroom storage unit.

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Hidden Towel Storage

white bench with open drawer in bathroom
Michael Partenio

Window seats, vanities, and benches can provide lots of handy towel storage behind closed doors. Sort towels by size or color to get the most from your available space. Place bathroom storage units that double as a seat next to the shower for easy access.

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Towel Storage Within Reach

neutral-colored square-tile bathroom with narrow wood cabinets
Edward Gohlich Photography

Make your bathroom towel rack ideas serve a dual purpose. Bars installed under this open countertop are a handy place for towels used every day. They also serve to hide less-than-attractive plumbing under the sink.

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A Bowl of Towels

close-up black tower shelving with wooden bowl of towels
Anthony Masterson Photography

Give your bath a designer look by filling a punchbowl, box, or platter with a set of hand towels or washcloths. Roll the towels for a streamlined display. Make sure to keep the bowl regularly stocked so you or your guests are never left wet-handed.

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Simple Towel Hooks

small green-square tile bathroom towel hanging by sink
EMR Photography

Hanging towels allows you to store more of them in a narrow area. Mount simple hooks above or next to the sink for small hand towels and washcloths. This solution also makes smaller towels easy to change out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should you hang towels on a hook or a towel rack?

    Towel racks (or bars) allow individual towels to dry faster (when they are spread out flat), but they take up lots of wall space and often require drywall anchors for stability. Towel hooks are a popular choice for shared bathrooms because they use a lot less space and are usually quite easy to install. However, towels hung on hooks may dry slower due to the fabric being doubled over. 

  • What’s the best way to hang towels to dry in the bathroom?

    To expedite the drying process (and deter bacteria and mold growth), it’s best to spread the towel out as much as possible. A towel bar is best if you can spread your towel flat over the bar, but for shared spaces where multiple towels are needed within reach of the shower or bath, hooks may be a better choice. 

  • How do you keep bathroom towels from falling off the hooks?

    Hang the towel centered on the hook with at least an inch or two of fabric behind the hook. Then, using both hands, tuck the edges of the towel toward the wall. If your towel still tends to slip, apply a dot of hot glue or silicone caulk to the backside of the hook for grip. As a last resort, consider swapping your existing hooks for hooks that extend further from the wall. 

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