Simple Bathroom Storage Tricks

Declutter your bathroom with these simple storage tricks for organizing towels, toiletries and more.

Declutter your bathroom with these simple storage tricks for organizing towels, toiletries and more.

Bathrooms are notorious for accumulating clutter—toiletries, makeup, and cleaning products easily pile up. And if you share a bathroom with other family members, you have the additional struggle of contending for space. Try these low-cost (but high-impact!) solutions for turning an average vanity into a hardworking bathroom storage center.

Open Door Policy

Many vanities come with deep cabinets, where items can get lost in their recesses. Get more storage out of this area by removing the cabinet doors and installing shelves instead. Line up decorative bins to corral toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and shampoo bottles. Tuck a laundry basket into one of the open cabinet boxes. Open bathroom storage helps you see what you have at a glance. It has the added benefit of giving you a reason to organize, since everything is on display.

Wine Not

Repurpose an X-shape organizer designed for wine bottles as a towel holder. Rolled towels fill space more efficiently than folded ones, and the geometric design adds visual interest. Plus, you'll feel like you're at a spa when you go to grab a towel!

Heat Protection

Hair dryers and flat irons find a home in a shallow tray. Coordinate the tray to your other bins for a cohesive look. Don't scorch your counter! A metal tray allows your hair tools to cool off safely.

Personalized Storage

The number one rule of maximizing storage space in any room is to think vertical. Wall-mounted open shelves do the trick. Organize small items like cotton swabs in clear jars so they're easily visible. There's no need to dig through others' stuff when you organize personal items in labeled bins. Pick bins of the same size and color for a symmetrical, orderly display. Identify each bin's owner with letter stickers.

Lift Off

Don't waste valuable countertop real estate! This ergonomic toothbrush holder keeps these items from cluttering the area around the sink. We'll let you in on another secret: This little container was actually a utensil holder from the kitchen aisle. Choose a dishwasher-safe version for easy cleaning.


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