Solve your bathroom sink cabinet storage problems with these ideas for configuring cabinetry around your grooming space. With smart organization and a style-setting design, the vanity can be the jewel of the bathroom.

By Kelly Roberson
June 08, 2015
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Most homeowners have at least one bathroom storage conundrum that they'd love to fix. The trick is knowing what updates can help solve those organization issues. Here are some smart ideas for bathroom sink cabinets and supporting storage options to help you maximize style and organization in your space.

If you don't like the look of traditional bathroom sink cabinets:

bathroom vanity

Furniture like dressers easily transform into bathroom vanities. A hole cut into the top accommodates a sink, and a couple of coats of polyurethane protect the piece from water damage. To compensate for any storage lost to plumbing, install a shelf between the medicine cabinet and vanity. A console unit facing the sink with towel racks at the short ends of the unit could replace a traditional vanity.

If you have limited or no undersink storage:

A Sweet Fit

Pedestal sinks and open vanities are fantastic solutions for small spaces because they don’t weigh down a space like full-fledged bathroom vanities do. Unfortunately, they do eliminate undersink storage. One way to compensate is to flank the sink with storage towers. If you've got multiple family members using the same space, give one shelf or drawer to each person. To maintain the light and airy look of pedestal sinks, choose an open shelving unit, like an etagere.

If the area around your sink isn't very wide:

symmetrical bathroom sinks with narrow shelving unit
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Try a shelving unit with custom inserts to maximize the narrow space and gain a place for your necessities. Utilize baskets and drawers to corral all your bathroom items. A short unit means the top can be used as an extra sliver of counter space.

If you want to extend storage to the side of bathroom sink cabinets:

narrow hutch in bathroom next to gray vanity

A hutch takes advantage of vertical space to provide storage to the ceiling. They are also great in a narrow spot between a sink and tub. Measure first to know your space constraints while you are shopping. If you’re collecting bathroom renovation ideas, consider a custom piece to ensure you get a hutch that fits perfectly.

If your above-sink space is too narrow:

green bathroom vanity with bright yellow stool

It can be an involved project, but recessing a medicine cabinet into the studs is a great way to counteract a slim space around a bathroom sink cabinet. Extend the idea by recessing shelves into the spaces between the wall studs. A second medicine cabinet on the wall parallel to the sink could be mounted to the wall or recessed into the studs.

If you have two vanities:


For a bathroom sink storage idea that takes organization to the next level, capture the space between sinks with a cabinet that sits on the countertop. Although it might be tempting to go with a wide cabinet, you won’t want to sacrifice all of your counter space. Consider adding a drawer to the bathroom sink cabinet design for corralling small items, such as hair accessories or jewelry.

If you want customizable storage:


When looking for bathroom cabinet ideas, consider mixing drawers and cabinets. Mirroring the storage on each side of the vanity gives two people access to their own items. Small drawers on each side of the sink are ideal for housing hair tools and electric razors. Roomy central cabinets are prime for large bottles. Central drawers corral items used by both parties. To lighten the visual weight of bathroom vanity cabinets, choose a design with a open lower shelf.

If you have an odd layout:

blue white bathroom makeover after vanity sink mirrors storage

Fill any awkward corners with a custom configuration. Here, two bathroom vanities with sinks flank a built-in hutch. The design accommodates an oddly angled wall while providing ample grooming space for two people and a vast array of storage options, including drawers for towels and a tall cabinet for housing the likes of shampoo bottles to baskets of grooming tools.

If you want the best of both worlds:

Blue-Green bathroom

Give yourself flexibility with a bathroom storage cabinet that combines open and closed storage. Here, an open shelf beneath the sink keeps clean towels close at hand. A cabinet conceals other bathroom necessities. The substantial countertop crowns the entire run for a unified look.

If you need just a little bit of extra storage:


Supplement a single-sink vanity cabinet with a small table. A pedestal table offers twice the storage: the top holds canisters of bath essentials and the bottom shelf keeps hand towels at the ready. In this tone-on-tone bath, the gray and white basketweave finish suits the decor while introducing a bit of texture.

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September 7, 2018
We recently redid our bath cabinets. It is about 90” long with two sinks. We added deep drawers under the sink storage. On each side of the dressing table vanity between the two sink cabinets we put pull out drawers, (like kitchen spice cabinet drawers). We already had medicine cabinets on the sides of the walls beside each sink. Lots of storage and very functional.