Bathroom Sink Cabinets

Solve your bathroom sink storage problems with these ideas for configuring cabinetry around your bathroom grooming space.

Most homeowners have at least one bathroom storage conundrum that they'd love to fix. The trick is knowing what updates can help solve those organization issues. Here are six bathroom sink cabinet scenarios that can help.

If you don't like the look of traditional bathroom sink cabinets:

Furniture pieces, such as dressers, can easily adapt into vanities. A hole cut into the top can accommodate a sink, and polyurethane can protect the piece from water damage. To compensate for any storage lost due to plumbing, install a shelf between the medicine cabinet and vanity to add back storage. You can also add a console unit facing the sink to take the place of a traditional vanity, and add towel racks at the short ends of the unit.

If you have limited or no undersink storage:

Pedestal sinks and open vanities are fantastic solutions for small spaces; unfortunately, though, they don't have any undersink storage. One way to conquer this is to flank the sink with identical storage towers. For multiple family members using the same space, give over one shelf or drawer to each person.

If the area around your sink isn't very wide:

Try open shelving that surrounds the bathroom sink. Baskets help keep items tidy, and no doors equals no disruption to the room's traffic pattern.

If you want to extend storage to the side of a bathroom sink cabinet:

A double hutch can offer a sliver of counter space as well as expansive storage that extends up to the ceiling. A piece such as this is also great to add in a narrower spot between sink and tub.

If your above-sink space is too narrow:

It can be a more involved project, but recessing a medicine cabinet into the studs is a great way to counteract a slim space around a bathroom sink. You can also extend the idea by recessing shelves into the spaces between the room's wall studs, which helps maintain the necessary elbow room. Add a second medicine cabinet on the wall parallel to the sink; it can be mounted to the wall or also recessed into the studs.

If you have two vanities:

Take advantage of the space between dual vanities by filling it with storage. If you need more countertops, then have separate upper and lower units; otherwise, fill the center space with a single tall storage tower that has both doors and drawers.

Store bath essentials right where you need them with these clever cabinet tricks.


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