Cut Clutter in Your Bathroom

With makeup, hair products, and bathing essentials, bathrooms can become cluttered quickly. Here are tips to transform your bathroom into a clean and organized space.

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    Discard Leftovers

    Toss things like almost-empty cleaning supplies, partially used shampoo bottles, and opened-but-used-only-once products. Too often, you forget to use the rest of that conditioner, or you buy new soap because you don't want to run out -- ultimately storing old supplies but never using them.

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    Store Hot Items Fast

    Use heat-resistant containers inside drawers (or a linen closet) so you can immediately put away hot items such as curling irons and straighteners instead of leaving them out to cool and taking up counter space.

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    Use a Step Stool

    If bathroom items are stored on tall shelves, keep a folding step stool handy. You'll be more likely to put things back where they belong when a step stool is always within reach. Look for a foldable step stool that can hang on a closet door.

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    Utilize Nooks and Crannies

    Don't forget about small spaces in the bathroom, such as behind the door. Fill these nooks with a hamper, laundry bag, or basket. This creates a designated area for dirty towels and clothes that would otherwise litter the floor.

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    Budget Bathroom Storage

    See how to pump up your bathroom storage with these easy budget-friendly ideas.

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    Tray Time

    Trays are a cure-all in the bath: a smart, stackable way to store items that belong together, including first aid or manicure sets. Place a tray on the vanity when needed, then quickly put it away.

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    Install Hooks

    Install wall or door hooks to keep the bathroom looking organized and prevent towels from molding. This also reduces laundry by letting towels dry completely to be reused the next day.

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    Crowd Control

    Don't crowd sink tops with unnecessary items. Supplies used every day, such as perfumes, hand soap, and lotions, can be left on the counter, but keep moderation in mind so the countertop doesn't become cluttered.

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    Medicine Cabinet Miracle

    Use a medicine cabinet to corral clutter -- including toiletries and grooming materials. Medicine cabinets come in a wide array of styles and shapes to accommodate any bathroom.

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    Basket Solutions

    Employ baskets (to store extra tissues, linens, or even dirty towels) so they can be easily whisked away for refilling or laundering.

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    Bonus: Add-On Storage

    Maximize the space in your cabinets and on your walls with smart add-ons. Watch to learn more!

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