7 Medicine Cabinet Organization Ideas to Streamline Your Daily Routine

Maximize your medicine cabinet with these tips for storing everything you need at hand.

A medicine cabinet provides a convenient place to store bathroom necessities within easy reach. It's an ideal spot to stash daily-use items such as toothpaste, skincare products, cosmetics, shaving supplies, and more. To keep all these small items organized, utilize a few storage strategies for added function within the cabinet.

Whether you install hooks or utilize the power of magnets, these medicine cabinet organizing ideas can save you time and stress, helping you streamline your morning routine and get ready to tackle the day. Use these handy tips to transform your medicine cabinet and make it work more efficiently for you.

white organized medicine cabinet
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1. Tailor medicine cabinet organization to your needs.

Base your medicine cabinet organization ideas on your personal needs, and provide easy access to the items you use most often. Here, the lower shelves hold shaving gear and products used every day while upper shelves stow health aids. Clear acrylic organizers group similar-size items.

Medicine Cabinet Organization
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2. Sort medicine cabinet items by category.

Group together all the items within a category of care, designating areas for skin, hair, teeth, and first aid needs. On bleary mornings, you won't have to hunt for toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash because it will all be in the same spot. Sort items into matching containers, such as white ceramic cups or clear acrylic tumblers, to instantly make shelves look neat. For more good looks, paper the back of the cabinet with an adhesive shelf liner.

medicine cabinet with plastic shelving
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3. Maximize medicine cabinet space.

Risers enable you to store twice as much in the same amount of space. Acrylic risers boost organization without blocking views. Mini jars and containers are great for storing smaller items such as ear swabs, barrettes, nail clippers, dental flossers, and hair elastics.

hair accessories in medicine cabinet in plastic containers
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4. Contain miscellaneous items.

A jumble of tiny miscellaneous items can turn your medicine cabinet into chaos. Control small bits such as bobby pins, barrettes, and cotton swabs with right-sized containers. Choose storage vessels with lids or ones that don't tip easily so you don't accidentally knock a container over and send things flying.

glass container containing bows
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5. Use see-through containers.

Contain multiple small items in see-through containers that keep contents in view. These clear canisters with lids, for example, don't take up much space but make finding beauty accessories a cinch. Being able to see what belongs in each container makes it easier to keep things in the right spot.

hook in medicine cabinet
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6. Add under-shelf storage.

Don't forget about utilizing the underside of medicine cabinet shelves. Install simple stick-on hooks to hang headbands, necklaces, or bracelets so they are always close at hand. Place these hooks near the sides of the cabinet so hanging items won't be in the way.

medicine cabinet storage space
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7. Use magnets for medicine cabinet organization.

Add storage to an overlooked surface by mounting a magnetic memo board to the bathroom storage cabinet door. Slim magnetic containers hold personal-care items but still allow the door to shut completely. Utilize magnetic hooks to store small tools, or attach magnets directly to the bottom of items like lip balms so they'll stick directly to the door's surface.

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