Maximize your medicine cabinet with these tips and find extra storage space you didn't even know you had!

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By itself, a bathroom medicine cabinet is a handy place to store bathroom necessities. With small tips and tricks, however, it can become a powerhouse for storage. Use these handy ideas to transform your medicine cabinet and make it work more efficiently for you.

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Shelve all the items within a category of care together:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Teeth
  • First Aid

On bleary mornings, you won't have to hunt for toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash -- it will all be in the same spot for the grabbing. Using multiples of the same container, such as white ceramic cups or clear acrylic tumblers, instantly makes shelves look neat. For more good looks, paper the back of the cabinet with adhesive shelf liner.

Medicine Cabinet Organization

Risers enable you to store twice as much in the same amount of space. Since the acrylic riser pictured is clear, it organizes while looking like it doesn't take up as much space.

Use mini jars and containers to store smaller items such as:

  • Ear swabs
  • Barrettes
  • Nail clippers
  • Dental flossers
  • Mini hair elastics
Medicine Cabinet Organization

Contain multiple small items in see-through containers -- hair ties and barrettes in tumblers, bobby pins in a small box. Being able to see what belongs in each container makes it easier to keep things in the right spot.

Medicine Cabinet Organization

Don't forget about utilizing the underside of cabinet shelves. Install simple stick-on hooks to hang headbands, necklaces, or bracelets so they are always close at hand.

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Clear canisters with lids make finding beauty accessories a cinch. These small canisters don't take up much space and still get the job done.

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Going out after work? Devote some shelf space to a small cosmetics bag stocked with what you need to freshen up for an evening out. Simply toss it into your purse in the morning.

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A magnetic memo board mounted to a bathroom storage cabinet door turns an overlooked surface into a storage workhorse. Slim magnetic containers hold the goods but still allow the door to shut completely.

Medicine Cabinet Organization

With these simple tips and tricks the storage space in a vanity can increase significantly. Whether it's installing hooks or utilizing the power of magnets, these changes can save you time and stress, leaving you ready to tackle the day.

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