You can have your bathroom organized in just 15 minutes with these smart storage ideas that bring order to towels, toiletries, and bath necessities. Declutter those bathroom countertops and cabinets in a jiffy!
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Storing your towels out in the open in baskets is a quick and easy solution. Roll them up and tuck as many as you can into a decorative basket or two. Place them on open shelves or even under sinks like in this gorgeous bathroom. Baskets are also a fabulous way to add decorative style and texture into a bathroom.

Use Decorative Trays and Bowls

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Add both organization and style to your bathroom with decorative bowls and trays. Seaside accessories, like this large decorative clamshell, are a great way to store sponges, while a beachy driftwood tray is perfect for organizing towels.

Makeup Organization Ideas

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Organize makeup and beauty supplies in a pretty countertop drawer complete with individual storage cups. Use a different container for eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and nail polish so that they are easy to find rather than loose at the back of a drawer. Organizing all of your makeup brushes bristle sides up in a glass not only keeps them handy in one place but also protects them from damage and wear.

Organize with Jars

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Clear jars are a beautiful and clever way to organize cotton balls, swabs, makeup pads, hair clips, and hair elastics! You can use new or vintage jars, clear glass, plastic, or tinted blue jars to coordinate with your bathroom color palette. Keeping a collection of storage jars in a tray is a great way to display and corral items.

Organize Shelves with Baskets


Keep countertops tidy and uncluttered by organizing linens and hair care items in lidded and open baskets. Organize baskets for each person in your family or by item type. You can also add tags to each basket to identify them! Bathroom baskets are a great way to store hair appliance warranties too.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
January 31, 2019
Why don’t you show a normal bathroom that majority of people have instead of showing these bathrooms that very few people have.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
January 30, 2019
These are good suggestions, but I don't have near this space in either of my bathrooms and no place to put shelves. Still some good ideas. Wish I had room for at least a larger vanity with some drawers.