Bath Storage Solutions

As one of the smallest and most-used rooms of a home, bathrooms need clever storage to keep them tidy. Luckily there are hundreds of solutions to solve your storage problems and you'll find lots of them here. Storage starts with organization, and there are many products on the market to help you get in control.

Clever Teen Bathroom Storage Ideas

Thanks to better storage and easy DIY projects, this once-dated bath now accommodates three teenagers with style. See what smart design solutions they used that you can do, too!
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Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories, Tools, and Products

Bathroom storage can be difficult, especially for small items. But with these clever organization hacks, you can streamline hair tools and styling products for a tidier space.
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Turn Average Cabinets into DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves

These drop-down cabinets look great in any bathroom and are perfect for small spaces. Make them yourself from cabinets you already have!
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13 Genius Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions

Maximize your bathroom storage space—and keep the room looking good—by making use of the area above and around your toilet. We'll show you how to install shelving units, cabinets, ladders, and more so your bathroom can store more in style.
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8 Bathroom Items You Should Clean or Replace ASAP

It's obvious you should be wiping down your toilet, tub, and sink, but there are plenty of bathroom areas that your scrub brush is probably neglecting. Plus, consider those items you should be replacing altogether. Banish germs and bacteria by refreshing these everyday bathroom items.
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Simple Tips for Organizing Toiletries

Toiletries can take over a bathroom quickly. With our simple organizing solutions, any bathroom can have well-organized toiletries.
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More Bath Storage Solutions

Genius Storage Ideas for Awkward Bathroom Walls

You know that sliver of awkward space in your bathroom? Pump up its storage capacity with these quick and easy solutions.