This Slim Storage Cabinet Solves All of Your Small-Bathroom Woes

And it’s currently on sale.

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small organizer with toliet paper in cleanly lit bathroom
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Living in a small space has its pros and cons. One of the biggest gripes people have with compact homes is the lack of storage space, which can mean living with clutter or having to get rid of things. If you're looking to improve your space with simple storage solutions, this best-selling cabinet from Amazon makes it possible. It's narrow enough to fit in even the most unconventional spaces and currently on sale for $29.

The Aojezor Small Storage Corner Floor Cabinet is marketed as a bathroom cabinet, but users have placed it in other areas of their homes, too. At 31.5 inches tall and 5.9 inches wide, the cabinet is narrow and slim, making it compact but with enough space to fit a variety of essentials. It's divided into three different sections, with the top panel specifically designed to hold a roll of toilet paper. The open shelf above it is ideal for setting things down like a coffee mug or cell phone as you get ready for your day. Or use it to display small plants, candles, and other decorative accessories instead.

Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Aojezor Small Storage Corner Floor Cabinet ($29, Amazon)

The two lower compartments are perfect fits for beauty products and grooming tools. Some shoppers use those areas to hold more toilet paper and refills for hand soap or body wash. Others use them for necessities like deodorant, toothpaste, hair combs, and more.

The cabinet has a sleek appearance, and it's made of PVC foam, making it lightweight, waterproof, and ideal for the humidity of a bathroom. While this model is white, you can find several different colors and sizes on Aojezor's Amazon shopping page.

Since it's the number one best-seller in toilet paper storage on Amazon and has more than 18,000 ratings on the site, it's no surprise that customers have great things to say about it. "This worked perfectly for the small amount of space I had to work with. Was able to fit 4 rolls and a square box of tissue inside the top compartment," one shared. This shopper also said that assembling the cabinet only took 10 minutes.

"Due to my apartment design, I can't have those high-tier organizers," another reviewer said. "This is the only one of its kind that suits the place perfectly. Not to mention this saves my back from reaching down to the original, weird toilet paper holder placement."

You can get this small cabinet on sale for $29 on Amazon, plus an additional 10% off coupon is available at checkout.

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