How Much Glam Can You Pack Into a 35-Square-Foot Bathroom?

Turns out, plenty. This petite bathroom, coming in at 7x5 feet, is short on square footage, but rich in glamour. Read on to learn how splurge-worthy elements were partnered with smart cost-saving measures to create a bathroom that radiates sophistication.

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    Make It Work

    The original beaded-board paneling in this small bathroom was painted a warm white to match tones found in the new shower's marble tile. A recessed medicine cabinet provides much-needed storage in the small bathroom.

    Make It Glam: Add a feminine color. Here, pretty pink colors the walls above the wainscoting, as well as the simple window treatment. 

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    The Plan

    Removing a tub made room for a large shower whose door, when open, stops just short of the toilet. An existing linen closet lost inches to the shower but still provides plenty of storage for sundries. 

    Make It Glam: Determine what luxuries are important to you. In this bathroom, a show-stopping shower tops the list.

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    Showered in Style

    Marble tile in the shower adds an upscale look, as does the minimal frame on the glass panels. 

    Make It Glam: Splurge smartly. The homeowners went all out on the shower, but kept costs within budget by selecting inexpensive porcelain floor tiles, keeping the existing toilet, and installing a new pedestal sink and wall sconce in the same spot as the old ones, which eliminated extra plumbing and electrical expenses.

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    Head of the Class

    A square showerhead gives a modern vibe to the room’s classic feel, reinforced by the marble tile.

    Make It Glam: Don't overlook the details. Ordinary fixtures easily go unnoticed, but shapely showerheads and faucets are small items that pack a strong visual punch. 

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    Tile Style

    The grouted pebble tiles provide traction when the shower is wet and add a casual feeling.

    Make It Glam: Mix up your materials. Monotonous tiles across every surface looks basic, but incorporating several kinds of tile in various materials and sizes takes a bath design to the next level.

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    Shine On

    Polished-chrome fixtures sparkle in front of a beaded-board backsplash. The recessed medicine cabinet’s wood trim was designed to match the 80-year-old home’s existing woodwork.

    Make It Glam: Sparkling surfaces up the sophistication quotient in any room. Consider polished finishes rather than matte or brushed finishes. Mirrored surfaces and crystal accents will also catch the light and add a shimmering effect.

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