Small-Bathroom Storage Ideas That Maximize Every Inch

Upgrade a small bath with containers, shelves, hooks, and organizers.

white bathroom with black accents
Photo: Brie Williams

Bathrooms are called upon to store many things, and organizing all these items can be challenging when your space is small. Take advantage of small bathroom storage containers, cabinets, wall shelves, furniture, and more to make the most of every inch. These small bathroom storage ideas will help curb clutter and simplify your daily routine.

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Versatile Small-Bathroom Storage

Shower with caddy on wall
Brie Williams

Usually, bathroom storage caddies hang inside the shower, but they can boost organization on any wall. In this small bathroom, a wire organizer hanging from a wall peg keeps frequently used bath products and hand towels within reach. Since it's easily moveable, this small-bathroom storage idea is perfect for renters or those with flexible storage needs.

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Under-Sink Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage under sink
Elaine St. Louis

In tight quarters, you can't afford to waste any space. This small-bathroom storage idea utilizes the often-overlooked area directly under the sink. The U-shaped drawer cleverly fits around the plumbing inside the vanity cabinet, providing handy storage for extra soaps, towels, and toilet paper.

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Small-Bathroom Storage Shelves

white bathroom with black accents
Brie Williams

Expand small-bathroom storage beyond the vanity cabinet with a set of wall shelves. Open shelving mounted near the sink is great for stashing cosmetics, lotions, and other items that look good on display. Add artwork and decorative accessories among pretty yet practical organizers and glass jars.

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Pullout Bathroom Storage

storage drawers storage
Gus Schmiege

Find unique ways to sneak storage into a small bathroom. Here, a pullout compartment houses personal-care products and hair-styling tools right next to the sink. The hidden storage area only takes up space when needed, sliding back into the wall and out of the way afterward.

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Mix-and-Match Bathroom Storage

small bath private toilet modern ikea vanity black white floor tile
Edmund Barr

A mix of open shelves and closed cabinets or drawers allows for both display and storage functionality. Map out where each item should go and decide what storage supplies you need, such as bins, baskets, wall shelves, or freestanding storage units. Consider which items you want on display (neatly folded towels, for example) and which should be stored away for an uncluttered look.

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Vertical Bathroom Storage

bathroom cabinet
Michael Partenio

Control countertop clutter with upper vanity cabinets, which conceal items behind closed doors. Although they take up counter space, it can be worth the trade-off in a small bathroom. The vertical units extend storage upward, providing more shelves for stashing bathroom necessities. Instead of extending to the counter's edge, the cabinets in this small bathroom are shallow enough to leave a sizable area of counter space in front of them.

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Small-Bathroom Storage Containers

bathroom open vanity blue bins yellow towels
Adam Albright

Bring in bins and baskets to corral clutter in a small bathroom. Here, matching bins streamline storage on open shelves beneath the sink. The patterned designs playfully complement the small bathroom's blue-and-yellow color scheme.

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Shower Storage for Small Bathrooms

drawer under shower bench bathroom organization
John Bessler

With little square footage to spare, it's important to put every inch of available space to work in a small bathroom. Take advantage of the unused area beneath a shower bench with deep drawers. It's the ideal hideaway for extra toiletries and accessories.

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Magnetic Bathroom Storage

bathroom magnetic cabinet storage organization
Cameron Sadeghpour

Add storage potential to a typically overlooked surface with a magnetic memo board mounted inside a cabinet door. Complete the solution with slim magnetic containers or hooks to hold bath accessories. As you organize items, make sure you can still shut the door completely.

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Undersink Shelving

white bath wall-mount sink floating shelf towels
Edmund Barr

Floating vanities offer a streamlined look in small baths, but they often lack plentiful storage. Utilize every inch of space underneath a wall-mount sink by installing a floating shelf below the plumbing. Tuck away folded towels and washcloths or add baskets for small items.

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Bathtub Storage Ideas

hanging wire basket organization towels bathtub
Jay Wilde

Think creatively with the space and storage containers you have available. Here, miniature towel rods hold wire baskets filled with sponges and washcloths above the bathtub. A floating shelf creates space to showcase artwork, while repurposed glass kitchen jars and a fishbowl hold bath salts and soaps on the tub ledge.

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Small-Bathroom Storage for Towels

tilt-out wire hamper towel bathroom vanity
Alise O'Brien

Swap a traditional cabinet drawer for a door that tilts out to reveal a wire hamper inside. This small-bathroom storage idea is ideal for concealing dirty towels or clothes while maintaining easy access when it's time to do laundry. Plus, the slanted storage unit saves space because you don't have to make room for the door swing.

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Small-Bathroom Storage Furniture

bathroom vintage trunk legs storage decor
Jay Wilde

If your small bathroom lacks built-in storage, look to stylish furniture you can tuck into a corner or against a wall. Here, a vintage trunk is used to stow linens. Sturdy wire legs keep the trunk at a convenient height and allow for a functional surface to display decor.

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Bathroom Ladder Shelf

bright blue ladder bathroom storage yellow tan
Adam Albright

Take advantage of vertical space (without taking up too much floor space) by enlisting a ladder-style shelf unit. The open shelves can stand in as an easy-access linen closet with bonus display space. Paint it in the bathroom's accent color to make it stand out.

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Built-In Bathroom Storage

neutral bathroom arched details built-in cubbies
Werner Straube

Consider areas where you can include built-in storage when planning a small bathroom layout. A pair of built-in cubbies in this bathroom in a window seat provide convenient storage space. Baskets store bathroom necessities below, while the marble surface can hold stacks of towels or display soaps and sponges.

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Small-Bathroom Wall Storage

chair rail molding hanging towels bathroom
Brie Williams

Limited wall space? Make use of the area surrounding your bathtub. A trio of hooks hangs above this tub, providing easy access to a clean towel after a soak. Chair rail molding and paint a shade darker than the wall color help define this area.

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Overhead Bathroom Storage

modern double vanity above-cabinet box storage
Emily Followill

Tap the space around your vanity mirror for extra organization. Incorporate a cabinet box into the mirror frame and create cubbies for extra towels. Adding a basket can also make it a stowaway compartment for infrequently used supplies.

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DIY Small Bathroom Storage

mint green bathroom with wooden shelf and towel-rack above sink
Kim Cornelison Photography

With a few upgrades, a basic wall shelf can stand in for a medicine cabinet in a small bathroom. Hang the unit above the sink, and install a wooden dowel between shelf brackets to form a towel rod. Use a mix of containers and trays to gather bars of soap, cotton pads, and other small toiletries on the shelf.

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