Small Bathroom Ideas: Contemporary-Style Baths

charcoal grey bathroom walls wood vanity

Tour these compact bathrooms and find sleek, modern bathroom design ideas for your small bath.

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Add Vertical Interest

Colorful Baths ,

One way to make the most of a small bathroom is to emphasize vertical space. A wall of mini mosaic tiles draws eyes upward and adds color and style to this small modern bathroom. An interesting light fixture also highlights the height of the contemporary space.

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Build with Purpose


Not sure what to do with those bits of unused space in a small modern bathroom? Build a custom solution, such as this storage and display wall that includes open shelves. A built-in bench provides a helpful place to dry off and get ready for the day.

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Consider Scale


In the best small bathroom designs, you'll find creative solutions for compact areas. In this narrow room, a contemporary counter with a nontraditional depth of 15 inches takes up less space while still remaining functional.

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Perfect Your Palette


Bring harmony to a small modern bathroom by choosing materials and finishes that blend together. This creates the seamless look of a larger room. Wood tones and warm, neutral tiles create cohesion in this efficient nature-inspired bathroom design.

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Dedicated Design

Make room for the shower.

For a narrow galley bathroom, utilize the space on a single wall. This small bath forgoes the traditional tub for a walk-in shower and a pair of efficient floating vanities. Cabinets with opaque doors allow you to tuck not-so-pretty toiletries away to eliminate visual clutter while lightening the look of dark wood.

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Use Every Inch

gray modern bath with floating vanity and glass shower door

Small bathrooms are perfect for modern design because their tight spaces benefit from clean lines and minimal treatments. Shelves set into the wall eliminate the need for hefty mounted cabinets or freestanding furniture. A wire container under a floating vanity allows for extra storage.

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Favorite Small Vanity Ideas

Discover how to get both style and storage in your modern bath with these small vanity ideas.

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Make Edits


To make a small modern bathroom look bigger, pick and choose what to play up. These table-style vanities are stocked with cool metal baskets and funky wooden stools, while understated bathroom cabinetry hides countertop clutter. Rugs and window treatments help match a small bath to the rest of your home.

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Order Up


Nothing shrinks a small bath faster than clutter, so it pays to consider storage. Use built-in cabinets, baskets, and canisters to tidy up. Match them to your color scheme for a seamless blend.

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Choose Clean Lines


Mounting cabinetry frees up valuable floor space and provides visual relief in a small modern bathroom. Continue the clean lines of a floating vanity with a simple linear backsplash and minimal fixtures, such as this sleek square vessel sink.

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Keep It Light


Opt for light flooring and wall materials, such as this modern mix of white and gray geometric tiles, to keep a windowless bathroom airy and bright. Expand your space further with the open feel of a wall-mounted sink instead of a traditional vanity.

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Exhibit Personality


Even the smallest spaces deserve a touch of personality. Everything in this little bath sings, including a colorful tile "rug" and newsprint shower surround, which comes off as a quiet gray backdrop despite its busy pattern. The floor tiles create an effective visual flow by drawing the eyes to the unique shower backsplash.

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Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Give your modern bathroom a new look with our top paint color picks!

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Accent with Color

white tile

A small modern bathroom outfitted with white subway tile and gray penny tile could look pretty plain, but an interesting country sink and round galvanized mirror add an unexpected touch. Adding a pop of happy yellow with lighting and accessories contributes to the perfect kiss of color.

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Go with Glass


Glass is a favorite material of modern small bathroom design. Consider a glass shower enclosure to increase the view in a tight bathroom. It's an easy way to gain visual space without owning more square footage.

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Dare to Be Different

charcoal grey bathroom walls wood vanity

Sometimes the most memorable modern bathroom designs are those with minimal furnishings but one-of-a-kind decor. A round rope mirror and decorative arrows give this small bathroom a Western feeling, while a pop of blue brightens the dark color scheme.

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